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Kiun Yoon - Circle 

Gallerie Gaia 2007.03

When approaching Yoon Ki-un’s work, we come to realize how our own sense of visual perception can turn into an exquisite charm. Our eyes are far more than just bodily organs that confirm the physical appearance of objects.

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Osang Gwon - Osang Gwon Solo Exhibition 

Doosan Gallery, New York, USA 2010.05

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Jihye Park - Moving Things 

Insa Art Center 2011.08

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Jihyoung Seo - Border group 

Interalia Art Company 2011.12

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Jina Park - Jina Park Window Gallery Exhibition 

Window Gallery, Gallery Hyundai 2011.12

Taking into reference the casual snap shot images which are then recomposed as a painting, the work embodies both the chance encounter and instantaneity.

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Kiun Yoon - A picture puzzle 

Gallery DOS 2007.11

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Haegue Yang - 2011 Art Basel Miami Beach Special Exhibition - Two Winters 

M Building 2011.12

Kukje Gallery is pleased to present Haegue Yang’s Two Winters at the M Building (formerly Perrotin Gallery) in Miami’s Wynwood District. The artist will present works arranged and conceived specifically for the space.

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Osang Gwon - TORSO 

Gallery2 2010.11

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Kyungmi Lee - You Don´t Own Me 

Cais Gallery 2011.09

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Byoungho Kim - A System 


Arario Gallery Seoul Samcheong is pleased to present A System, the solo exhibition by Byoungho Kim, from November 10th to December 18th, 2011.

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Heeseon Kim - Fragmented Paysage – In Your Shadow 

Daegu Culture & atr Center 2010.11

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Suyoung Kim - Balance and Symmetry 


In 2001, Kim Soo Young depicted the RWI building, a famous architecture, in her painting. At that time, the architectural piece was a mere detail of her painting, whose main subject was a modern city scene.

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Jung Lee - Aporia 


My experience of studying in the UK spurred my interest in text. In those days, I experienced the inherent limits of language while living as a stranger in a foreign country.

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