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Hanna Kim - I´m Home 


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Sanggyun Kim - The Artificial Paradise  

Alternative Space LOOP 2006.05

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Kwangho Lee - Touch 


Lee Kwang-Ho is arguably Korea’s foremost realist painter. His portraits and landscapes transcend the conventional purpose of realistic representation and display a virtuosity of pictorial technique that pushes the boundaries of existing notions of painterly representation. It is easily recognizable that Lee Kwang-Ho’s works have included a wide spectrum of painting techniques ranging from early oil painting inspired by Pop Art, paintings that applied Renaissance perspective, to paintings influenced by Surrealist juxtaposition and layering techniques.

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Soyeon Kim - The third eye 

Brain Factory 2005.09

When I have visited Kim Soyeon's studio, there was one small painting in paticular caught my eye. the painting had a dear facing the front with writing 'Penn's Cave" written on it. What looked like an infomation board seen in a zoo at a glance, as it is in her other works of paintings,this small painting had no explanatory factors. The work simpley analogise something isolated from a reality through arrangementS of images and meanings. To Kim Soyeon 'Penn's Cave" is an origin of a fear.

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Seoungwon Won - Tomorrow 

Alternative Space LOOP 2008.03

‘A long time ago, a man from Sang-Baek-Li, Hap-Cheon, ran off with the dream of studying in Seoul. But the man who had to return to Sang-Baek-Li and farm because of his father’s opposition sent his first son rather early to Seoul to study. The man, who planted chestnut trees for his son, and raised black goats for his daughter-in-law, saddened by the son’s failure at college admission, drinks, drives a tractor, and gets into a fatal accident. What if I could have prevented this family’s misfortune?’

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Hyungkoo Kang - The Gaze 


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DOOSAN Gallery 2010.08

Xooang Choi has recognized various problems, such as the antimony that the members of modern society seem to be subjective and spontaneous, but are eventually subordinate to highly advanced systems, and expressed them using the deformation, exaggeration, and distortion of human body. His Islets of Aspergers focuses on each individual that lives in this society.

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