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Jimin Kim - Wicked Flowers 

Art Centre, Christchurch 2009.06

Levi’s refers to the blue jean brand Levi Strauss who came from Bavaria, Germany and began producing in 1872 after acquiring patent rights. Although I don’t know exactly, I am aware that this blue jean brand became popular among consumers and noted worldwide for its rivets in the pocket corners. Blue jeans can be reminiscent of Europe or especially the Wild West. Some vintage denim jeans are high-priced, but blue jeans have long been a popular type of clothing many people wear, irrespective of region, generation, and gender since they are relatively cheaper and more convenient for daily activities than other types of apparel.

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Yongsik Park - Blur 

Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art 2009.11

It’s the dawn of a new day. The morning breeze and warm sunshine raptures my body. I cannot loathe reality because I love it so much. My uncontrollable reason prompts me to rely on hallucination and oblivion. The new dawn makes me feel the exhilarating beauty of everyday life.

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Inbai Kim - Move in Earnest 


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Kangwon Lee - A Scene 

N O A M G A L L E R Y 2005.02

Lee Kangwon’s works on display at the show are largely divided into two kinds: One, made of rubber sponge, is widely scattered all over the first exhibition hall and the other is fabricated from craypas in indigo, crimson, and sky blue. What is above all most eye-catching is his use of unconventional materials which are considered rather uncommon in sculpture.

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Seokyeong Kang - Theatre the Cloud 

ART PARK 2009.07

There are 2 figures appearing repeatedly in the work of Kang Seo-kyeong. They are the woman shaped like a ballerina (Her other self is shaped like an Avatar) and the neckless marionette. They drift using the traces drawn and painted by her as the background, and move towards an unseen destination. The touch in drawing teems with sensational brush strokes, and the colorful liquid texture is unique.

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YooArtSpace 2006.12

When you sit on a couch, the living room is turned into a Western play stage/ a fake leather sofa/ a wall clock stands at 9 o’clock in the morning/ A Cezanne-esque still life painting/ A television set/ A Dracaena Fragrans/ three hard-covered copies of ””Capitalism““by Karl Marx of Moscow, Progress Publishing Companies, laid horizontally/ Books merely for show in a lazy bookshelf/ and a perpetually bubbling aquarium:/ There is, however, no tragedy to be translated and played for this stage. (Hwang Ji-woo <A Diary of a Fat Couch>)

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