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YooArtSpace 2006.12

When you sit on a couch, the living room is turned into a Western play stage/ a fake leather sofa/ a wall clock stands at 9 o’clock in the morning/ A Cezanne-esque still life painting/ A television set/ A Dracaena Fragrans/ three hard-covered copies of ””Capitalism““by Karl Marx of Moscow, Progress Publishing Companies, laid horizontally/ Books merely for show in a lazy bookshelf/ and a perpetually bubbling aquarium:/ There is, however, no tragedy to be translated and played for this stage. (Hwang Ji-woo <A Diary of a Fat Couch>)

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Hyungkoo Kang - The Gaze 


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Seokyeong Kang - Travel Agency 

Brain Factory 2004.10

A curly haired man with a bow tie sits on a toilet seat and slowly turns into a toilet seat. The same man approaches a turning fan and transforms into a fan and whirls around. I have once imagined myself of becoming a bird and flying. Have you, the reader, ever imagined it before? If you agree to my assumption that you are familiar with this daydream, it would be safe to assume that this idea is common.

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Byoungho Kim - Fantastic Virus 

Gallery Touchart 2010.03

One of the defining characteristics of Baroque music is the basso continuo. In rock music, the basso continuo -- as represented by the bass guitar -- does not reveal its distinctive tones, drowned out as they are by drums and electric guitars. However, it does serve to add a sense of tension to the piece as a whole. Without that ever-present basso continuo, like the sound of a beating heart, the tension present in Baroque music would never have come to be. Though the basso continuo is nearly imperceptible, the beat of Baroque music owes itself to that sound. This is similar to the style of Tenebrism in Baroque painting.

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Kangwon Lee - A Scene 

N O A M G A L L E R Y 2005.02

Lee Kangwon’s works on display at the show are largely divided into two kinds: One, made of rubber sponge, is widely scattered all over the first exhibition hall and the other is fabricated from craypas in indigo, crimson, and sky blue. What is above all most eye-catching is his use of unconventional materials which are considered rather uncommon in sculpture.

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Inbai Kim - Move in Earnest 


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