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Kwangho Lee - Touch 


Lee Kwang-Ho is arguably Korea’s foremost realist painter. His portraits and landscapes transcend the conventional purpose of realistic representation and display a virtuosity of pictorial technique that pushes the boundaries of existing notions of painterly representation. It is easily recognizable that Lee Kwang-Ho’s works have included a wide spectrum of painting techniques ranging from early oil painting inspired by Pop Art, paintings that applied Renaissance perspective, to paintings influenced by Surrealist juxtaposition and layering techniques.

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Seokyeong Kang - Travel Agency 

Brain Factory 2004.10

A curly haired man with a bow tie sits on a toilet seat and slowly turns into a toilet seat. The same man approaches a turning fan and transforms into a fan and whirls around. I have once imagined myself of becoming a bird and flying. Have you, the reader, ever imagined it before? If you agree to my assumption that you are familiar with this daydream, it would be safe to assume that this idea is common.

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DOOSAN Gallery 2010.08

Xooang Choi has recognized various problems, such as the antimony that the members of modern society seem to be subjective and spontaneous, but are eventually subordinate to highly advanced systems, and expressed them using the deformation, exaggeration, and distortion of human body. His Islets of Aspergers focuses on each individual that lives in this society.

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Geun Taek Yoo - Geuntaek Yoo Solo Exhibition 

Dong San Bang Gallery 2007.03

To begin with, one can say that the characteristics of Yoo Geuntaek's painting emerge from the materials, the texture and vitality in his work. Most of his work is done by painting on paper with chalk powder and Indian ink, and his technical practice has become more sophisticated in his recent work. The boldly sliding repetitive strokes, the sense of materials in softly colored surfaces with chalk powder, the expanding patterns like waves, the sharp but loose shapes as a glimmering apparition, especially the brush stroke making rhythmical moves as blurry snap photo shots; all of these construct an exquisite sense in Yoo's painting.

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Byoungho Kim - Assembled Fantasy 

Weibang Gallery 2008.06

Media artist Byoung-ho Kim designs a fantasy. He regards it not only as a desire of a human being but something under the control of one. He is convinced there is a fantasy in every creature by all means, so constantly coordinates, adapts, and arranges it as a desire. Therefore, the more intense a desire grows, the more sophisticated a fantasy becomes, and eventually arouses such a nuance of a commodity as a ‘ready-made.’ A work of Byoung-ho Kim is not the representation of a desire but the result of it.

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Sanggyun Kim - The Artificial Paradise  

Alternative Space LOOP 2006.05

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