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Kibeom Kwon - Kwon Ki Beom 

Artspace-hyun 2009.11

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Bomin Kim - The Settlement 

doART Gallery 2006.12

First, let us visit the studio in <Open Studio (2004)>. There is a desk. A pile of two books and an open one are on the desk. And a chair is laid askew. These things are described with lines as Kim BoMin has usually done in her earlier works. Of course, she did not draw the lines. She attached the line tape. All these things are covered with a kind of fog of Korean ink which is emitted from the cotton cloth.

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Xooang Choi - The Pruritus 

Dukwon gallery 2009.02

This exhibition title of Choi Xooang is Pruritus. Medically, pruritus is an unpleasant sensation that evokes the desire to scratch the skin.1) It is generally known that itch can usually originate from a skin ailment, and might be caused by systemic disease such as diabetes and chronic renal failure as well as external stimuli including contact with external matter, change in temperature, chemical substances, and electric impulse.

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Myungjin Song - Fishing on the flat 

Sungkok Art Museum 2009.03

Song Myung-jin stated in an interview that she enjoys standing at the borders between plant and animal, natural and man-made, the static and the dynamic, the two-dimensional and the three-dimensional. Virtually no one can understand one’s work as well as the artist. Her recent work shows these characteristics as well.

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Bomin Kim - Diary of Drifting 

Cais Gallery 2010.03

Map is a portrait of the earth and also a face of human beings. Composed of signs and abbreviations, it shows a miniature of the world and gives a sense of the way we interpret the world at the same time. Map, Like painting, is a falsity based on reality and an attempt to revive what is fundamentally impossible to revive. That's how the map of actual size emerges, as in the Borges's novel which becomes a conventional analogy.

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Jinnie Seo - RED CHAMBER 

Brain Factory 2004.02

Seo's work is characterized by strong linear draughtsmanship, subtle but rich colors and a highly personalized conceptual framework that examines the cultural landscape of U.S. and Korea and the predicament of the individual within those cultures.

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Kwangho Lee - Touch 


Lee Kwang-Ho is arguably Korea’s foremost realist painter. His portraits and landscapes transcend the conventional purpose of realistic representation and display a virtuosity of pictorial technique that pushes the boundaries of existing notions of painterly representation. It is easily recognizable that Lee Kwang-Ho’s works have included a wide spectrum of painting techniques ranging from early oil painting inspired by Pop Art, paintings that applied Renaissance perspective, to paintings influenced by Surrealist juxtaposition and layering techniques.

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