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Jimin Kim - The Oxymoron 

Kim.Jinhye Gallery 2007.02

Jimin Kim who makes art works with labels from clothes has interests not only in products themselves of the well-know brands, but also in the brands themselves as they are. Especially, the most interesting thing which grasped his attention is how the labels stand for brands, and he glanced that the labels on the clothes have their own intention to their own world, not just clothe worth-ness as products.

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Seoungwon Won - 1978, My Age of Seven 

Seoul Auction 2010.05

Here is a seven-year old girl. After waking up one day, she finds her room overgrown with trees and damp with water having leaked in. In a sudden, she gets some ominous, uneasy feeling: Oh no! Mommy / is / gone. The story begins on this strange morning. The girl goes to the kitchen to find her mother. But there grows a tree in the middle of it and the floor is already damp, scattered even with sharp spines of cactus. Over-there. From a branch out of her reach hangs her picture of her mother. And as if tempting her to go to look for her mother, a red thread leads the way. Well, if I follow that thread, I will be able to meet my mom.

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Myungjin Song - Green Home 

Rho gallery 2007.07

Beginning from the 2005 exhibition titled "Surface of Landscape", there have been familiar motifs such as bridges, bushes and so on. Being representational yet unrealistic, they allowed a trial to overlap the real images and the painted ones in an attempt to catch a better glimpse of the paintings.

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Sunny kim - Girls in Uniform 

Gallery Sagan 2001.05

Sunny Kim's paintings move from sublime to unfeeling in an instant. In her world, human frailty flickers within the four corners of enormous historical realities. Realities where uniforms (military, academic, professional) are the vehicle, source, and subject of meaning. Nonetheless, this unrelenting uniform world is also hyperbolic, fantastic, even ironic. The sparse spaces of Kim's depictions become a waiting veneer susceptible to the unique projections of its inhabitants.

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Jimin Kim - Wicked Flowers 

Art Centre, Christchurch 2009.06

Levi’s refers to the blue jean brand Levi Strauss who came from Bavaria, Germany and began producing in 1872 after acquiring patent rights. Although I don’t know exactly, I am aware that this blue jean brand became popular among consumers and noted worldwide for its rivets in the pocket corners. Blue jeans can be reminiscent of Europe or especially the Wild West. Some vintage denim jeans are high-priced, but blue jeans have long been a popular type of clothing many people wear, irrespective of region, generation, and gender since they are relatively cheaper and more convenient for daily activities than other types of apparel.

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Yongsik Park - Blur 

Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art 2009.11

It’s the dawn of a new day. The morning breeze and warm sunshine raptures my body. I cannot loathe reality because I love it so much. My uncontrollable reason prompts me to rely on hallucination and oblivion. The new dawn makes me feel the exhilarating beauty of everyday life.

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Kibeom Kwon - Kwon Ki Beom 

Artspace-hyun 2009.11

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