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Soyeon Kim - Born in the Air 

Posco art museum 2010.10

Kim Soyeon is an artist who has dealt with regrets and anxiety on unknown territory that was hard to capture. Continuous psychological tiptoeing in the midst of tensions and ever growing fear with no particular cause became the driving force for her art. As Kim Soyeon has firmly acknowledged the spiritual substance that cannot be grasped with reasonable or logical language for its being outside practical world, such perspective can be traced in her current works.

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Mioon - Lead Me to Your Door 

Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Superstudio 2011.04

"Lead Me To Your Door!", developed together with the Media Art Duo Mioon, is designed to engage and to interact with visitors, stimulating strong empathy through the observation of the lives of others.

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Dongwook Suh - Day for Night 


“Day for night” is the name for cinematographic techniques, which means recording night scenes in daylight. “Day for night” was often used in black-and-white hollywood films from the silent picture days for reducing production costs and for..

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Donghyun Son - Villain 

Gallery2 2011.10

Gallery 2 presents an exhibition by Donghyun Son, an artist who has begun to gain attention for his unique brand of painting; a practice that brings together the techniques and compositional strategies of traditional Eastern painting with an engagement in subjects located in modern mass media culture. This exhibition features more than 20 portraits that depict various villains from the James Bond films, as well as a calligraphic painting presenting a concentrated form of the exhibition theme.

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Changwon Lee - Parallel World 

Kim Chong Young Museum 2011.08

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Soyoung Chung - On the Ground Floor of the Geology Building 

OCI Gallery(Songam Foundation) 2011.09

Setting up the exhibition space as a fictive research lab of a Geology building, Soyoung Chung makes researches and explores the inter-relations between nature in urbanism and urbanism in nature.

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Hyeonkyeong You - I Did Wrong, Songam Cultural Foundation 

OCI Gallery(Songam Foundation) 2011.07

My painting work comes from my inside emotional expression. So, it was tough for me to answer why do I paint such pictures. It actually was felt that I was asked ; who am I? But,

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Kiun Yoon - Oscillation 

Gallery GRIMSON 2010.11

The main motif of Yoon Kiun’s work is the hand. While the five fingers of the left hand show diverse gestures, the right hand gripping a thin brush depicts the hand’s various expressions and gestures.

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Youngbin Lee - Youngbin Lee 

Hakgojae Gallery 2011.05

Creating something from nothing. Finding something new. Here, the new thing means good, not bad. Here, the good thing has not been considered as good. A creator is a person who feels and make it.

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Kunju Kim - Monolog 


The Artist, Kim Kun Ju, monologizes various variations of languages embracing the possibilities of sculptural reproduction. The monologue is similar to letters and becomes various images of echoing with language and sound to create several layers of landscape.

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Weedong Yun - Summer Show 2011 


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Weedong Yun - CONTRAST 

Insa Art Center 2009.10

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Yunhee Toh - Gazing without Eyes 

Mongin Art Center 2008.11

In the pitch-black night, a sudden gleam of light discloses everything in the darkness that weighs on one's mind and body. After the intense light fades away, eyes in the dark thirst for what is essential following the dimness, retaining a flickering afterimage. Now, eyes disappear and only the gaze remains.

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