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Yongju Kwon - Waterfall_Structure of Survival 

Moonrea Art Industrial Complex 2011.09

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Minae Kim - A Future Pump House 

Pump House Gallery 2011.07

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Minae Kim - Show RCA 2011 

Royal College of Art 2011.06

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Minae Kim - Embrace 

Edinburgh College of Art 2010

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Minae Kim - Oblique Strategies 


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Hyena Kim - Yes, you did it 

Gallery2 2011.12

Gallery 2 presents a new solo exhibition by Hyena Kim, who uses both characteristic and randomly generated forms to translate her experience and emotions into paintings.

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Shinhye Kim - the 3rd Landscape 

KAIST Research & Art Gallery 2011.03

Three keywords of my works are “mediated nature”, “human beings tamed by consumerism”, and “foreign labels”.

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Choonghyun Roh - Prosaic Landscape 

Johyun Gallery 2011.06

Paintings by Roh Choong Hyun have gone back to find the materials of earlier days. He goes back to a place that he has left before and repaints it. During his absence, the weather has changed and the width of the subject has widened.

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Shinhye Kim - Another Landscape-an expanded view 

Hanwon museum of art 2011.10

Sometimes I hesitate when going to throw a bottle away. They are too pretty, too exquisite to just be trash. It is hard to accept the idea that they have to get thrown away or should disappear after just being used once.

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Myungjin Song - Being in Folding 

Ctrl Gallery 2010.12

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Kiun Yoon - Gesture 

Gallery DAM 2010.01

In his Gestures exhibition, Yoon Ki-un presents diverse symbols from many hand gestures. Over 10 pieces displayed are made up of tiny hand shapes. Yoon uses his own hands as a model to depict his subject matter to look fresh and not standardized.

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