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Jia Chang - What´s the matter? 

Artsonje Center 2001.12

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Woosuk Jang - Plot in Arnhem 

Arnhem, Netherlands 2009

For the first time in my life, I visited a city named Arnhem. What I had was 2 weeks of time, nice looking workplace and a house perfect for living. I met many people here and organized a thought or two about my memory of this place. And the time I was granted was peaceful, comforting and relaxing for healthy thinking.

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Woosuk Jang - ´Everending Story´ 

Gallery Royal 2008.10

Woo Suk Jang’s <Finished Sddori> (Finished Story) was the title of his own publishing event and private exhibition, 5 years after his 2nd exhibition which was held back in 2003. The artist worked with projects related to love, titling his them <Love Virus> or <I do not know anything except love>.

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Woosuk Jang - ´Nothing but Love´, A love map of Seoul 

Artspace Hue 2003.10

notthing but Love -Seoul Map of Love. Jang Woosuk solo exhibition installation view. 2003 ArtspaceHUE installation view.

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Woosuk Jang - A.L.I.C.E. Museum 

Hangaram Art Museum 2007.06

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Woosuk Jang - ISEA 2006 

Container Culture, San Jose, USA 2006

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Minseung Jang - Can I drink champagne 

Gallery SEOMI 2006.08

For me, there was a big difference between the material side to be transplanted and conceptual side to be transplanted in terms of its speed and degree. While the material and technique was considered as neutral value without the embodiment of nationality, conceptual side of me showed the tendency based on my cultural background.

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Minseung Jang - Platform in Kimusa 

KIMUSA 2009.09

This construction was originally used as a living space for vehicle drivers of Defense Security Command transportation unit. We made a temporary studio for the new musical project in this room on the second floor. Five days of working in this place provided us with visual and acoustic work environment not yet experienced in regular studios.

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Taekyu Yim - Marginal man  

Gallerie Gaia 2006

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Chun-hee Im - The Painter’s Eyes 

KEPCO Plaza Gallery 2006.09

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Chun-hee Im - Burlesque Paintings 

Brain Factory 2005.08

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Chun-hee Im - In a Jungle 

N O A M G A L L E R Y 2003.11

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Chun-hee Im - Psychological Self-portraits 

Song Eun Gallery 2003.04

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