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Joungmin Yi - Desire of Appetite 

Art space hut 2008.03

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Joungmin Yi - Her strange journey for 100 years 

Women's History Exhibition hall, Seoul 2008.06

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Joungmin Yi - Mesh!!! 

Gallery JungMiSo 2007.05

This year, Gallery Jung Mi So has chosen Kim Mikyung as an external invited curator to introduce three emerging artists. Kim Mikyung is currently a professor of Art History at Kangnam University and the head of KARI (Korean Modern & Contemporary Art Research Institute).

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Joungmin Yi - Bin_bang_it_o_yo? 

Changdong Art Studio 2004.05

O-oh Sariputra, all the empty forms of these dharmasneither come to be nor pass awayand are not created or annihilated,

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Joungmin Yi - Buffering 

Artsonje Center 2003.12

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Jaehoon Lee - Starwars Episode Ⅱ-World, about the Phantom Menace  

unc gallery 2009.02

Threats and lies of the world art more and more intense because their traces are concealed. In the past wars, the scenes of guns and tanks could be witnessed, but today's wars infiltrating into the common and ordinary life continue to request for silent fights and death, while not revealing their extemal forms.

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Jaehoon Lee - The battle of life 

Lina Gallery 2009.05

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Jaehoon Lee - Mapping the Future of Art 

Interalia Art Company 2008.08

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Jaehoon Lee - Young Korean Artist 

National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea 2008.12

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Eunsil Lee - Yeol 

Insa Art space, Seoul 2006.07

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Yoonmi Lee - Connection Zone Project 


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Yoonmi Lee - 1rd Yebo 

Nam Seoul Annex Building of Seoul Museum of Art 2007.05

Lee Yoon-mi’s paintings are on MDF, vessel-shaped surfaces, executed with a certain thickness. With each, the artist depicts imaginative scenes of nature, daily life, and childhood days. In them, vessels with pictures have no shadow of their own; some vessels have a picture instead of a black shadow. In addition, geometrically rendered lines crossing the venue bring about forms in a three-dimensional space.

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Yoonmi Lee - Wall Painting 


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Yoonmi Lee - Yoonmi Lee Solo Exhibition 

Gallery On 2009.09

Erwin Panofsky asserted in 1924 in his book Perspective as Symbolic Form(DiePerspektiv als Symbolische)that perspective in Western painting is a sort of symbolic form. Perspective is not natural but artificial. According to Karatani Kojin, “Perspective is a device to lend depth to two-dimensional space through perspectival representation.”

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Yoonmi Lee - 2-Prospect 


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