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Sooyeon Hong - Dazed & Painted 

Gallery SEOMI 2008.05

Let’s begin with a simple example. There are minutes between hours and seconds between minutes. Within this standardized frame, we live a day, a year, and our whole life. What marks the beginning and the end of life also does not go beyond that frame. To set a unit that can be easily converted and to face the fragmented world through that unit are how we deal with the world

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Sooyeon Hong - Artwall Gallery 

Shinsegae Gallery 2009.11

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Soun Hong - Him of Gyeonggido 

Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art 2010.05

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Soun Hong - Up and Comers 

Total Museum of Contemporary Art 2009.04

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Soun Hong - Sidescape 

Ssamzie space 2009.02

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Soun Hong - Busan Biennale 

Busan Museum of Art 2008.09

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Soun Hong - Reminiscing the medium -a ´post´ -syndrome 

Museum of Art, Seoul National University 2007.08

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Soun Hong - Sidecape  

Space CAN 2010.02

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Yunhee Huh - Yunhee Huh Solo Exhibition 

Gallery Friesenstrasse 30, Bremen 2003

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Yunhee Huh - Skin of Days 

Insa Art space, Seoul 2005.06

“The Skin of Days”, the title of Huh Yun hee’s solo exhibition, reveals the feelings and emotions from her daily life. Through her works she expresses her joy, happiness, solitude, feelings and what is inside her. Like when writing a diary everyday,

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Yunhee Huh - Thought of a Leaf 

SOMA Museum 2009.02

Yunhee Huh executes her drawings with charcoal. She gives birth to her drawings through the process of depicting and erasing countless times. The act of wiping out is to vacate, generating space to embrace something else.

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Yunhee Huh - Between two Houses 

Gallery des Westerns, Germany 2007

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Jinsu Han - Public Garden 

White Wall Gallery 2005

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Jinsu Han - The public, The air 

Insa Art space, Seoul 2001

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