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Chun-hee Im - Chun-hee Im, Stefanie Krueger Painting 

Reihe 22 Galerie Kunstlertreff, Germany 2001

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Chun-hee Im - Seoul Art Fair 

Hangaram Art Museum 1998

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Seungchun Lim - stopped, or floating 


A sculptor, Lim seung chun makes watercraft with the mind of Noah. Noah who made the ark for salvation from the Deluge in the Old Testament era loaded up all the sources of life which would become the seeds for new world.

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Seungchun Lim - Dream Ship 3 

ilmin museum of art 2007.08

This exhibition is the same as Lim Seung-chun’s spring show, in which he conceived a new world, an enormous ship, and a model house. The ship on a voyage unveiled an aesthetic standard, also presenting a point of departure, chronicled in a voyage log. This exhibition presents sketches of conflict and disturbance between those claiming to proceed and those claiming to sail back.

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Suniy Im - Absurd Journey 

THE Gallery 2007.11

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Suniy Im - Isolated-Island  

SPACE CELL 2005.11

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Suniy Im - Shelter 

doART Gallery 2003.08

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Hojin Lee - Reflective Creation 


Phenomenon does not end as a simple occurrece. There are individual stories, histories, and the mental energy that support it. I wish to observe the forces that propel such phenomena, especially the forces’ origins and terminal destinations

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Haiminsun Lee - Duet exhibition 

GALLERY 2 2010.05

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Haiminsun Lee - The half-dead things  

gallery DOLL 2008.09

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Haiminsun Lee - Planet A: Emergence of Species 

ilmin museum of art 2009.10

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Haiminsun Lee - creation anatomy  

Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art 2008.07

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Haiminsun Lee - Art-Lan-Asia 

zaim gallery, Japan 2007.04

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Haiminsun Lee - Transitory spacial transformation  

Gallery King 2006.10

While a arrow are wandering about on the plan, spaces of the tra jectory the arrow leaved(signs on the plan) is accumulated on it. The accmulated signs mutate adjusted to given spaces, meaning the making of their own characteristics. Meanwhile,

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