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Youngho Yoo - Pairs 

Arko Art Center 2005.07

Yoo Young-ho runs different projects that address different structural irregularities embedded in art and social system through management of the market boundaries between production, distribution, and consumption. “I don’t dream of a revolution against the massive production and consumption systems in society.

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Seokyeong Kang - Theatre the Cloud 

ART PARK 2009.07

There are 2 figures appearing repeatedly in the work of Kang Seo-kyeong. They are the woman shaped like a ballerina (Her other self is shaped like an Avatar) and the neckless marionette. They drift using the traces drawn and painted by her as the background, and move towards an unseen destination. The touch in drawing teems with sensational brush strokes, and the colorful liquid texture is unique.

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YooArtSpace 2006.12

When you sit on a couch, the living room is turned into a Western play stage/ a fake leather sofa/ a wall clock stands at 9 o’clock in the morning/ A Cezanne-esque still life painting/ A television set/ A Dracaena Fragrans/ three hard-covered copies of ””Capitalism““by Karl Marx of Moscow, Progress Publishing Companies, laid horizontally/ Books merely for show in a lazy bookshelf/ and a perpetually bubbling aquarium:/ There is, however, no tragedy to be translated and played for this stage. (Hwang Ji-woo <A Diary of a Fat Couch>)

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Kangwon Lee - A Trace 

SOMA Museum 2008.07

I first came across Lee Kangwon's work through the many small objects serenely placed on the floor and their shadows or silhouettes. What we feel from these objects made of rubber sponge and their shadows shaped by sponge dust can be said to be a type of 'modesty'. In the artist's work, we may feel his attitude to be humble, yet determined not to commit any insolence. Of course, Lee takes the generous view that his work remains open to the viewer's judgment and evaluation, rather than pushing any aggressive discourse.

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Seokyeong Kang - Travel Agency 

Brain Factory 2004.10

A curly haired man with a bow tie sits on a toilet seat and slowly turns into a toilet seat. The same man approaches a turning fan and transforms into a fan and whirls around. I have once imagined myself of becoming a bird and flying. Have you, the reader, ever imagined it before? If you agree to my assumption that you are familiar with this daydream, it would be safe to assume that this idea is common.

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Byoungho Kim - Fantastic Virus 

Gallery Touchart 2010.03

One of the defining characteristics of Baroque music is the basso continuo. In rock music, the basso continuo -- as represented by the bass guitar -- does not reveal its distinctive tones, drowned out as they are by drums and electric guitars. However, it does serve to add a sense of tension to the piece as a whole. Without that ever-present basso continuo, like the sound of a beating heart, the tension present in Baroque music would never have come to be. Though the basso continuo is nearly imperceptible, the beat of Baroque music owes itself to that sound. This is similar to the style of Tenebrism in Baroque painting.

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Sunny kim - Rolling Fog 

GALLERY HYUNDAI (New Space) 2010.04

My first encounter with Sunny Kim's “Girls in Uniform” series was from her 2001 Gallery Sagan exhibition. At the time, her work, which mostly originated from documentary sources suggestive of standardized types, was transformed to deliver an artificial formality akin to graphic images. There was a certain intentional barrier that evoked a sense of absence and a feeling of cold detachment, and the fact that one could not find any youthful energy nor movement in the uniformed smiling girls made the paintings different.

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Kwangho Lee - Inter-View in Changdong 

Changdong Art Studio 2006.04

To Lee, Kwang-Ho, the canvas is a window through which he has an on-going dialogue with the objects painted. In addition, his way of relating to others is presented using different media. This characteristic is most distinct in his recent series of portraits that are combined with some objects and video installations.

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Sanggyun Kim - The Artificial Paradise  

Alternative Space LOOP 2006.05

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Byoungho Kim - Assembled Fantasy 

Weibang Gallery 2008.06

Media artist Byoung-ho Kim designs a fantasy. He regards it not only as a desire of a human being but something under the control of one. He is convinced there is a fantasy in every creature by all means, so constantly coordinates, adapts, and arranges it as a desire. Therefore, the more intense a desire grows, the more sophisticated a fantasy becomes, and eventually arouses such a nuance of a commodity as a ‘ready-made.’ A work of Byoung-ho Kim is not the representation of a desire but the result of it.

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Myungjin Song - Green Home 

Rho gallery 2007.07

Beginning from the 2005 exhibition titled "Surface of Landscape", there have been familiar motifs such as bridges, bushes and so on. Being representational yet unrealistic, they allowed a trial to overlap the real images and the painted ones in an attempt to catch a better glimpse of the paintings.

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Sunny kim - Girls in Uniform 

Gallery Sagan 2001.05

Sunny Kim's paintings move from sublime to unfeeling in an instant. In her world, human frailty flickers within the four corners of enormous historical realities. Realities where uniforms (military, academic, professional) are the vehicle, source, and subject of meaning. Nonetheless, this unrelenting uniform world is also hyperbolic, fantastic, even ironic. The sparse spaces of Kim's depictions become a waiting veneer susceptible to the unique projections of its inhabitants.

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Geun Taek Yoo - Geuntaek Yoo Solo Exhibition 

Dong San Bang Gallery 2007.03

To begin with, one can say that the characteristics of Yoo Geuntaek's painting emerge from the materials, the texture and vitality in his work. Most of his work is done by painting on paper with chalk powder and Indian ink, and his technical practice has become more sophisticated in his recent work. The boldly sliding repetitive strokes, the sense of materials in softly colored surfaces with chalk powder, the expanding patterns like waves, the sharp but loose shapes as a glimmering apparition, especially the brush stroke making rhythmical moves as blurry snap photo shots; all of these construct an exquisite sense in Yoo's painting.

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Hyungkoo Kang - The Gaze 


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Myungjin Song - Fishing on the flat 

Sungkok Art Museum 2009.03

Song Myung-jin stated in an interview that she enjoys standing at the borders between plant and animal, natural and man-made, the static and the dynamic, the two-dimensional and the three-dimensional. Virtually no one can understand one’s work as well as the artist. Her recent work shows these characteristics as well.

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