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The act of wearing a mask is disguising oneself or concealing something away from someone or something. My work portrays a group of people who wish to be uniformed and camouflage themselves in the gasmasks, so as to eliminate their individualities. Being uniform in look, I become who I am, and at the same time, I become the other. Very personal and equalized life is here hidden away to cover up oneself. My work talks about human nature, selfish people who manage tactfully to catch the inter‐communicational skills of the situated group but never show how they feel inside, as well as outcast people who fail to adjust themselves to the veiled reality and group norms.
The reason I use the image of gasmask in my painting is that I was fascinated by the peaceful life that can be achieved by this deft device of protecting oneself from the warlike reality and contaminated situation. It saves me from harm and I can march majestically regardless the environment surrounding me. I may show my emotions but no one would see them. Moreover, if everyone does the same, no one would care about anyone anymore.

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