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Minja Gu

Minja Gu

1977 (Korea)

Activity Korea
Academic ability Korean National University of Arts. M.F.A Seoul, Korea
Genre photographic, installation, media
Keyword Identical times, time, text
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  • Identical Times

  • Happily ever after

  • Identical times

  • Happily ever after

  • Identical Times

Artist Profiles

2007 Korean National University of Arts. M.F.A Seoul, Korea
2002 Yonsei University, Philosophy. B.A, Seoul, Korea
2000 Hongik University. Painting, B.F.A., Seoul, Korea
Solo Exhibitions
2009  Identical Times, space croft, Seoul, Korea View Exhibition
Group Exhibitions
2010  Has the line killed the circle? , La General, Paris/ Space Hamilton, Seoul
  APAP 2010, Anyang Public Art Project 2010, Anyang, Korea View Exhibition
  The 10th International New Media Festival - Seoul Art Space Seogyo
  Residency Parade, In-cheon art platform, Incheon, Korea
2009  VIDEO:VIDE&O - ARKO Art Center
  Identical Times - Space Croft, Seoul, Korea
  The game of respect, Sangsang madang, Seoul, Korea View Exhibition
  Saeng-gak -Alrernative space Banjiha
  Habits that make you grow up - Gallery175
  Now What, Space Hamilton, Seoul View Exhibition
  Fair referee - Gallery 175
2008  Ssamzie Space Open Studio, Ssamzie Space, Seoul View Exhibition
  08 Taipei Biennale, Taipei Museum of Fine Art, Taipei, Taiwan View Exhibition
2007  Gu minja, Kim Youngeun : 175 Gallery ,Seoul, Korea
  Borderless Horizen : KNUA New Hall gallery, Seoul, Korea
  Drawing open-end : KNUA gallery-(Opening of New Hall), Seoul, Korea
2006  Don’t emigrate 3- ‘Dong-soong 9 scene’ Gallery Jungmiso, Seoul, korea
2005  Dormitory Atelier: Open Studio of KNUA M.F.A course
  Vocalise - Song without words: 175 gallery,,Seoul, Korea
2004  Dormitory Atelier: Open Studio of KNUA M.F.A course
  Plant reading: vinyl house AA , Ilsan, Korea
2003  h=2.8kg : Gallery La Mer, Seoul, Korea
  Let’s flowering our talent: Korean National University of Arts , Seoul, Korea
  Very accidental still lifes: KNUA gallery, Seoul, Korea
2008  'One and The Others' - Hangar
2007  Symposion -Performance, Ssamzie space
2010  Gyeonggi Creation Center, Ansan, Korea
2008  Hangar residency program, Barcelona, Spain
2007  Ssamzie space studio program, Seoul, Korea
2010  Song Eun Arts Award
2008  Arts Council Korea
  Hangar Fellowship
2007  Soma Drawing Center Archive artist
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