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Eunji Cho

Eunji Cho


Activity Seoul
Academic ability Central St.Martins College of art & Design. MA Fine Art,London. U.K.
Genre installation, etc
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  • Earth Thief I, Performance

  • The International Mud, Performance with Mud _ Photo: Patrick Jambon

  • Exodus_Mud Poem 2011 I, Performance & Installation _ Photo: Kim Sangtae, Par Aeran

  • Muddy Stream 2011-Gisheng (Korean Geisha) VII

  • Earth Thief II, Performance

Artist Profiles

2000 Central St.Martins College of art & Design. MA Fine Art,London. U.K.
1995 E-wha Woman’s University, Seoul. BA Sculpture,Seoul. Korea
Solo Exhibitions
2011  'Dtang, The Mud Said.', Eunji Cho Solo Show / National Theater Company of Korea, Seoul, Korea
2009  Green Underground / Take Out Drawing, Seoul, Korea
2006  An Actual Poem_By Eunji Cho / Insa Art Space, Arts Council Korea, Seoul, Korea
2003  Dog/Person/Show Eunji Cho Solo Show, Artinus, Seoul, Korea
Group Exhibitions
2012  Sarajevo Winter Festival / Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
2011  No Excavation / Art Space Pool, Seoul, Korea
  Dancing To The Rhymes / Kumho Museum, Seoul, Korea View Exhibition
  Michelangelo Pistoletto @Incheon, Korea / Sapce Beam. Incheon. Korea
  Gunsan Project Twists Turns Ups Downs (In)visible Move and Human Agency / Gunsan Suhyup. Gunsan. Korea View Exhibition
  EMAP 2011 / E-hwa Women’s Univ. Seoul. Korea
  Media Scape / Nam Jun Paik Art Center, Yongin, Korea View Exhibition
2010  Seom / GCC Local Collaboration Project Exhibition, Sungam Island, Asan, Korea
  The Multi-Culture In Our Time / Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Ansan, Korea
  Sound Effect Seoul 2010: Sound Specific / SangSang Madang. Seoul, Korea
  In Abentia, Collaboration with Dongduk women’s University’s student / Dongduk Art Gallery, Seoul Korea
  Okin-Open Site / Okin APT Site. Seoul. Korea
  Stranded In The Future / Spor Klubu. Berlin. Germany
2009  Earth Thief / Berlin(Wedding, Mitte, Gropiusstadt, Marzahn), Germany View Exhibition
  Instructional Work / Room Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand
  Nelson Mandela Must Be Free / Spor Klubu. Berlin. Germany
2008  Open Studio at DCR/DCR artist studio / The Hague, Holland
  Close To You / Kaywon Art College Gallery27, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
  7th Gwangju Biennale_Annual Report / Exhibition Hall 1, Gwangju, Korea View Exhibition
2007  100 Ideas & 10000 Combinations / Yeonhee-dong 195 project Space, Seoul, Korea
  The Organic Flag Performance / Baene-gol, Gyeongsang-do Province, Korea View Exhibition
  KIAF 2005 Special Exhibition ‘Something Mr.C can’t have.’ / COEX, Seoul, Korea
  Flexible Landscape Performance APAP 2007 / Anyang New Town, Korea
  Independent Drawing GIG. 3 / The Quartair, The Hague, Holland
2006  3rd Dog Farm Concert Performance in Dog Breeding farm in Daegok / Gyeonggi-do, Korea
  Virginia Woolfs meets New Town City / Women’s History Exhibition Hall, Seoul, Korea
  Free Performance (They got paid daily and left to take a break) / Ilsan New Town, Korea
2005  Tavola rotonda sulla condizione della donna straniera in Italy / CIttaldellearte, Italy
  Citta Biella, Billboard Installation / Biella Train station, Italy
  Valigia Cantata Performance / Biella, Italy
2004  Minority Report, Collaborate with Artist collective Mixrice / Arhus. Denmark
  Band Venus Eclipse meets Jiyul, the Activist Monk, Performance and discussion, Pidgin Collective 1st collection / Haja Center. Seoul. Korea
2011  Michelangelo Pistoletto Band @Incheon (Eunji Cho, Bona Park), http://mcjoonsausage.blogspot.com
2010  123 Band (Eunji cho, Bona Park)
  Real Estate Box Empty Island 123 Project, Collaboration with Bona Park
2009  Okin APT Project, Collaboration with Shiu Jin, JungminYi, Jooyoung Lee, Whayoung Kim
2008  I.D. GIG 4 Incheon_Jakjeon holiday factory / Incheon, Korea
2006  Yeonhee-dong 195 Residency Project, Kyunghyun Min, Borjn Kowalski-Hansen and other artists / Seoul, Korea
  Travel Bag Singer Project/ Collaboration with Jang Un Kim/ Ilsan New Town. Korea
  Tangsuyuk Song Featured by Love Differnce Radio / Love Difference Radio. Torino. Italy
2005  Korean Popstar in Venice project, Collaboration with Michele Fontana and 4 artists/Venice, Italy
  The Skin of Biella Project, Collaboration with Victor Andrea Munoz / Biella, Italy
2003  Open Studio Project, Collaboraton with Kyeongran Cho and Youngji Kwon / Korea
  Member of Visual band Venus Eclipse and New ingredient
2011  Seoul Art Space Geumcheon ( Participating as Michelangelo Pistoletto Band) / Seou. Korea
  Gunsan Art Residency / Gunsan. Korea
2010  Gyeonggi Creation Center / Ansan. Korea
2009  Pilot Projekt Gropiusstadt / Berlin. Germany
2008  DCR International Residency/The Hague. Holland
2007  Seok-su Market International Artist Residency_AFI / Anyang, Korea
  Art in City_Geolmae Residency project / Gelmae, Jeju-do, Korea View Exhibition
2005  Cittadellarte_Fondazione Pistoletto / Biella, Italy
2012  Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture for “Dtang, The Mud Said”, Tasten12 Festival, Duessedorf
2011  Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation Grant for Poem In Action Project
2009  Korea Art Council Grant for Pilot Projekt Gropiusstadt and Earth Thief Publication
2006  Graf 2006 for Travel Bag Singer Project
2004  Korea Art Council Grant for Open Studio Project
2000  British Council Scholarship
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