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1981 (b. Seoul)

Activity Seoul
Academic ability Hyunseok Jeong, BFA Sculpture, Kookmin University,Korea
Genre drawing, installation, media
Homepage www.rohwajeong.com
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  • Time maschine#4

  • Want to be happy every night

  • Discovery of living

  • Uncertain#1

Artist Profiles

2006 Hyunseok Jeong, BFA Sculpture, Kookmin University,Korea
2005 Yunhee Roh, BFA Sculpture, Kookmin University,Korea
Solo Exhibitions
2010  Archive room open invitation exhibition, Seoul art space, Seoul, Korea View Exhibition
2009  Rohwajeong Solo Exhibition, Schloss Balmoral, Germany View Exhibition
2008  The detachable pullout supplement, Gallery Light-Box, Seoul, Korea View Exhibition
  Single room for 2 occupancy, Ssamzie Space, Seoul, Korea View Exhibition
2007  The key in a suitcase, Jinheung Arthall, Seoul, Korea View Exhibition
  Complement, HUT, Seoul, Korea View Exhibition
Group Exhibitions
2011  The day without hands-DINGOS, RYU HWARANG, Seoul,Korea View Exhibition
  Being with you-DINGOS , Gallery Be Hive, Seoul, Korea
2010  Zeitgleich, WERKSTATT GALERIE 20, Germany
  DECENTERED, Gwangju Museum of art, Busan Museum of art, Gwangju, Busan, Korea
  Close Encounter, Jeju Museum of art, Jejudo, Korea
  Munjibang , Dibang, Seoul, Korea
  EXTENDED SENSES, Song won Art Center, Seoul, Korea
  Balmoral Blend_Arp Museum,Germany
  ASYAAF,Sungshin women’s University, Seoul,Korea
  Incheon International Digital Art Festival 2010, Song-do Tomorrow city, Incheon, Korea
2009  Hongbelt Festival Title Match, Gallery King, Seoul, Korea
  Home&Away, Goyang art studio, Gyeonggi, Korea View Exhibition
  DECENTERED, Arko art center, Seoul, Korea View Exhibition
2008  Ssamzie Space 1998-2008, Ssamzie Space, Seoul, Korea
  Fashion Show, Moran Museum, Geonggi, Korea
  Medium, Hongik University Hyundai Museum, Seoul, Korea
  Intro, Goyang National Studio, Gyeonggi, Korea
2006  6th Preview, TEAM PREVIEW, Seoul, Korea
2010  Schloss Plüschow for a scholarship 2010, Germany
2009  Schloss Balmoral Exchange Residency Program, Germany
  National Art Studio, Goyang 5th Residency Long Term Artist, Korea
  Schloss Balmoral _ Exchange Residency Program, Germany
2008  National Art Studio, Goyang 5th Residency Long Term Artist, Korea
2010  Arbeitsstipendien Schloss Plüschow 2010, Germany
  <Room#25's garden>, collection of Schloss Balmoral, Germany
  Artists in Abroad Residence program support 2010, Arts Council Korea, Korea
2009  Vermont 2009-10 Freeman Foundation Asian Aartists' Fellowship_ Korea Honorable Mention, selected , Vermont, U.S.A
  SongEun Arts Award 9th, SonEun Arts & Cultural Foundation, Seoul, Korea
2008  Grant for Young Artists 2008, Arts Council Korea, Korea
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