WOOSON gallery
WOOSON gallery
Address 134-12 Bongsan-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea
Opening hours 10:30 am - 07:00 pm Mon~Sat
Tel 82- 53 - 427 - 7737
Fax 82- 53 - 427 - 7710
URL www.woosongallery.com
E-mail info@woosongallery.com
Space Type Gallery
Establishment 2012
Member artists Bea CAMACHO(Philippines, 1983), Tony CRAGG(British, 1949), Jannis KOUNELLIS(Greek, 1936), LEE Bae(Korean, 1956), LEE Ufan(Korean, 1936), Andrei MOLODKIN(Russian, 1966), Hubert SCHEIBL(Austrian, 1952), Sean SCULLY(American, 1945), Barthélémy TOGUO(Cameroonian born French, 1967), Sandra VÁSQUEZ DE LA HORRA(Chilean, 1967)
Location Map
Introduction WOOSON gallery works directly with great international artists and critics to produce museum-quality exhibitions of distinguished work, with the intention of educating clients and visitors so that they may form knowledgeable opinions and make intelligent decisions when looking at and acquiring Contemporary Art. WOOSON gallery sees its principal mission as the public integration in Korea of the great artists of our epoch. The beautiful, newly-constructed Wooson Gallery is now located on 'Bongsan Culture and Art Street' in Daegu, South Korea. The building is specially designed to meet the demands of a contemporary exhibition space equipped with audio/video facilities ideal to hire for lectures, presentations, and events, as well as a storage area adopted for private viewings. Wooson Gallery consists of three exhibition spaces at three levels of over 510 m2. The clear, calm space of the gallery has 17 x 10 m long white walls and a 5 m high ceiling without any windows. Wooson Gallery is trying to become one of the most important art institutes; it has a rich and complex exhibition program as well as a great and generous space ideal for the presentation of Contemporary artworks.
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