Opening hours 10:00 am - 09:00 pm Tue~Sun
Tel 82- 2 - 723 - 2491
URL sema.seoul.go.kr
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Introduction Seoul Museum of Art (SeMA) is one of the most representative public museums in Seoul. The museum is a place for culture and art, which plans exhibitions that draw the interests from both professionals and the general public. With high quality and diversified planned exhibitions such as "SeMA Exhibition", "Spring Outing Exhibition", "the Korean Artists". "Seoul Art Exhibition", "Korean Modern Representational Painting Exhibition" and International Media Art Biennale", special exhibitions of the world famous arts such as “Chagall”, "Matisse" “Picasso”, “Van Gogh” and "Pon Pidou Exhibition" together with planned exhibition of its 2,500 pieces of collection of Chun Kyung-Ja, Park Nosu, Kwon Young-Woo and Oh Seung-Woo, the audience can enjoy various art works in SeMA. Also, SeMA provides various and quality education programs such as painting classes for children, teens, adults and professionals. It also has various and quality art education programs including the Visiting Art Appreciation Class and night school programs for those with day jobs, thereby positioning itself as a museum that draws participation from and communicates with the general public. Located in the heart of Jeongdong Street next to Duksugung Palace, SeMA is a cultural space that people can always enjoy the pleasure of art at the center of the busy city of Seoul.
제목 작성일
City Net Asia digital exhibition 2009.10.01~2009.10.01
Seoul International Media Art Biennale digital exhibition 2008.09.01~2008.09.01
Your Mind´s Eye : Digital Spectrum digital exhibition 2008.08.01~2008.08.01
SeMA 2008 digital exhibition 2008.03.01~2008.03.01
Writing Paintings, Painting Words digital exhibition 2007.11.01~2007.11.01
City_net Asia 2007 digital exhibition 2007.10.01~2007.10.01
Where Euclid Walked digital exhibition 2007.08.01~2007.08.01
SeMA 2006 digital exhibition 2006.11.01~2006.11.01
SPACE(空+間) digital exhibition 2004.07.01~2004.07.01
City Net Asia digital exhibition 2003.11.01~2003.11.01
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