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Space Hamilton
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Introduction 《Space Hamilton》, located in Itaewon, is a exhibition space remodeled from an used furniture store called ‘Hamilton’. As nobody knows the signified in how the name enveloped, although everyone is familiar with the name 'Hamilton', 《Space Hamilton》 aims to be a new space which does not become "named" via pre-existing distributing method. It is of course not a white cube nor an alternative art space, and it also refuses to be categorized into fine arts, architecture, design and performance arts. It is rather a space: a party space of aberration filled with delirious lights; or temptation and obsession at the end of aesthetics and politics; and where art education becomes undividable whole. 《Space Hamilton》 is a space like a multi-species plasmodium, where genres such as visual arts, architecture, design, and performance become fused, and also where people, works, education and workshops come together in order to seek potentials to become political for it is not political.
제목 작성일
Journey of Paradise digital exhibition 2010.08.01~2010.08.01
THE EARLY WORM CATCHES THE BIRD digital exhibition 2010.03.01~2010.03.01
Now What digital exhibition 2009.10.01~2009.10.01
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