Alternative Space LOOP
Alternative Space LOOP
Address 335-11 Seokyo dong, Mapo gu, Seoul, Korea, zip: 121-836
Opening hours 11:00 am - 08:00 pm Sun~Sat
Closed on national holidays.
Tel 82- 2 - 3141 - 1377
Fax 82- 2 - 3141 - 7265
URL galleryloop.com
E-mail loop@galleryloop.com
Space Type Non-profit Space
Member artists
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Introduction In 1999, Alternative Space LOOP embarked on a quest to present alternative interpretations of art’s commercialization, standardization, and Western-centered globalization. LOOP finds and nurtures young defiant artists, and presents liberal contemporary art, at a remove from commercialization. Alternative Space LOOP pursues the conciliation of cultures, and interdisciplinary studies, beyond unified genres and mediums. This gallery is a platform for new production, and the distribution of contemporary Asian art, within an international network
제목 작성일
Other Selves digital exhibition 2012.09.26~2012.10.24
A republic of The propaganda digital exhibition 2008.07.01~2008.07.01
Privacy digital exhibition 2008.04.01~2008.04.01
Tomorrow digital exhibition 2008.03.01~2008.03.01
How ugly they are! digital exhibition 2007.08.01~2007.08.01
Omerta digital exhibition 2007.02.01~2007.02.01
One Fine Day digital exhibition 2006.10.01~2006.10.01
The Artificial Paradise digital exhibition 2006.05.01~2006.05.01
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