Jinju National Museum
Jinju National Museum
Opening hours 09:00 am - 06:00 pm Tue~Sun
Tel 82- 55 - 742 - 5951
Fax 82- 55 - 745 - 7020
URL jinju.museum.go.kr/
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Introduction This museum was opened in 1984 in Jinju, a city of history and culture, as one which was first committed to the research and exhibition of the artifacts from the prehistoric and Gaya periods. Later in 1998 it was reborn as a history museum, exclusively specializing in the theme of Imjinwaeran (the Japanese invasion in 1592). The fortress Jinjuseong is a historic site (Historic Site No. 118) where two severe battles occurred during the invasion (1592-1598). Therefore the museum has inspired Korean people to have a lofty national spirit and integrity. The museum is trying to illuminate various phases of Imjinwaeran through the collection and exhibition of the artifacts concerned and the implementation of various research plans. And the Duam Hall was established so that the museum could house the fine artifacts donated by the late Kim Yong-du (1922-2003), through which visitors can appreciate Korean cultural heritage. Besides, the museum carries out various investigations; publishes academic materials; pursues international scholarly exchanges; and provides visitors with diverse social programs so that they can experience quality culture.
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