Bukchon Art Museum
Bukchon Art Museum
Address Chungnam Cultural Institute 170-4, Kahwedong, Jongroku, Seoul
Opening hours 10:00 am - 06:00 pm Tue~Sun
Tel 82- 2 - 741 - 2296
Fax 82- 2 - 741 - 2105
URL www.bukchonartmuseum.com
E-mail bukchonart@naver.com
Space Type museum
Member artists
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Introduction The Bukchon Art Museum is located in North Village between Kyung Bok palace and Chang Duk palace, where Korea’s long standing tradition meets a modern perspective. It provides great exhibition sites with antique collections as well as modern art by promoting opportunity to present and accommodate diverse artistic viewpoints and interpretations. Equitably well blended with neighboring historical landmarks in North Village, the Bukchon Art Museum takes a role as a cultural ground to serve people with comfort, pleasure, and inspiration. Our museum holds over 2850 art collections including 200 Chinese art works, 150 Korean contemporary art works, and 2500 antique documents from Korea’s Chosun Dynasty era. With its outstanding collections in the arts, humanities, and ancient history, we showcase pieces following unique themes in Korean and Chinese antique and modern art. At the same time, we host many distinguished exhibitions of gifted domestic artist as well as those from all over the world to extend the cultural boundaries and share diversity in appreciation of art. Furthermore, to meet the never-fulfilling pursuit and vision with art among different people, we show pluralistic art market and stimulate artistic taste. Also, we provide resources for researchers, scholars, and other experts in art history and collaborate with them to fulfillone of our missions as an art museum. Thus, we endeavor to collect, conserve, and display domestic and foreign cultural, artistic data with academic and artistic value. Our door is always open to the world-wide trend, and we are trying to meet the balance between following theglobal stream of art and upholding our heritage. By doing so, we believe that we will globally stand out and raise national prestige. Moreover, we will keep pace for realization of historical and cultural awareness, so that we will position ourselves as culture hub with harmony that all of the audience who love art constitute together. For those who love art, we will do our best for development of art and culture to fulfill your demand, and expect you to feel scents of art and culture.
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