Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art
Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art
Address 8-1 Ssangryung-dong, Gwangju-si, Gyeonggi-do Korea
Opening hours 10:00 am - 06:00 pm Tue~Sun
Closed Every Monday
17:00 Previous Entries
Tel 82- 31 - 761 - 0137
Fax 82- 31 - 762 - 4189
URL www.youngeunmuseum.org
Space Type Museum
Member artists Hyungkoo Kang, Haija Bang, Youngmin Kang,YuJin Kang, YoungSup Kim, YongSik Park, Juwook Park, Bongsang Yoo, Jihyun Im, Jung Grace Hyunyung
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Introduction Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art found in 2000 on the basis of the Daeyu Cultural Foundation. The Museum is fundamentally comprised of two parts. The one is art museum which houses out standing contemporary art works of Korea and holds exhibitions of contemporary art. And the other is resident studio which is the actual origin of artist-in-residence program in Korea. Transforming resolutely the existing characteristics of art museums, largely generic with the preservation and exhibit of artworks, The Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art has a multi-purpose function that includes the research works, collection and display of contemporary art. its resident-in studio is particularly the fi rst of its kind in Korea and an element that makes this museum alive. It intends to be a place in which artists, critics, curators and the public meets the living artworks. This museum as an art and culture complex embraces a variety of forms and contents even in performing arts as well as plastic arts. Executing a compound function such as creativeness, research works, exhibit and education, it leads the Korea culture and plays a catalytic role by opening its door to the public.
제목 작성일
Blur digital exhibition 2009.11.01~2009.11.01
awash_ Let´s grow Sound digital exhibition 2009.06.01~2009.06.01
Anti-Star digital exhibition 2009.01.01~2009.01.01
Drift digital exhibition 2007.12.01~2007.12.01
Jumble Painting digital exhibition 2007.09.01~2007.09.01
SPACE IN SPACE digital exhibition 2006.04.01~2006.04.01
Youngeun 2005 Residency digital exhibition 2005.03.01~2005.03.01
Picnic on the Ocean digital exhibition 2004.10.01~2004.10.01
Neo Painting digital exhibition 2002.03.01~2002.03.01
Neo Painting digital exhibition 2002.03.01~2002.03.01
Neo Painting digital exhibition 2002.03.01~2002.03.01
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