Address Nature Poem 315 118-17 Chungdamdong Gangnamgu Seoul Korea
Opening hours 10:00 am - 07:00 pm Tue~Sun
Closed Every Monday
Sun 10:00am - 6:00pm
Tel 82- 2 - 3448 - 2112
Fax 82- 2 - 3448 - 2772
URL www.gallery2.co.kr
E-mail info@gallery2.co.kr
Space Type Gallery
Member artists Byunghoon Kim, Donghyun Son, Dongi Lee, Hyena Kim, Jackson Hong, KDK(Kim Dokyun), Nakhee Sung, Sekyung Lee, Sojung Lee
Location Map
Introduction Newly opened in 2007, Gallery 2 represents an extensive collection of contemporary art by Korean and international artists. With its particular aim to promote the works of young emerging Korean artists, the gallery's program investigates art in varied media, showing an innovative approach to attracting a worldwide art audience. Gallery 2 is placed in the most pleasant pedestrian district of Seoul among clusters of galleries, boutiques and restaurants.
제목 작성일
Transfer digital exhibition 2012.10.04~2012.11.04
Garden of Uncertainty digital exhibition 2012.08.30~2012.09.30
Bittersweet digital exhibition 2010.06.01~2010.06.01
Duet exhibition digital exhibition 2010.05.01~2010.05.01
Ectoplasma digital exhibition 2010.03.01~2010.03.01
Hair on the white porcelain digital exhibition 2009.10.01~2009.10.01
Those things I´ve done digital exhibition 2009.08.01~2009.08.01
GREEN digital exhibition 2009.05.01~2009.05.01
King digital exhibition 2008.11.01~2008.11.01
New SF digital exhibition 2008.10.01~2008.10.01
W digital exhibition 2008.09.01~2008.09.01
Bubbles digital exhibition 2008.04.01~2008.04.01
Double Vision digital exhibition 2008.03.01~2008.03.01
Divine Tree digital exhibition 2007.09.01~2007.09.01
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