Address 60, Gahoe-Dong, Jongno-Gu, Seoul, Korea
Opening hours 12:00 pm - 07:00 pm Mon~Sat
Closed on Sundays, January 1st, Lunar New Year's Day, Korean Thanksgiving Day period
Tel 82- 2 - 3673 - 0585
Fax 82- 505 - 116 - 2176
URL www.gahoedong60.com
E-mail gahoedong60@gmail.com
Space Type Gallery
Establishment 2008
Member artists Kim Jong Hwi
Location Map
Introduction Gahoedong60 has been operated as an open space art gallery of exhibitions of works by individual artists or groups of artists depicting common themes. For the Individual exhibitions, we have been inviting broad range of established and avantgarde artists. In case of Project exhibitions, we are focused on environmental themes by showing ecology or landscapes through the forms of paintings, sculpture, photography, and other media. We also hold joint exhibitions with external curators 2~3 times a year. We are playing a role of introducing the artists and communicating with the public by taking advantage of many domestic and foreign tourists visiting this north central Seoul area.
제목 작성일
Space Drawing by Lee Yoonmi digital exhibition 2012.11.28~2012.12.11
The pasty forest digital exhibition 2010.05.01~2010.05.01
Into Space digital exhibition 2009.12.01~2009.12.01
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