Gaain Gallery
Gaain Gallery
Address 512-2, Pyungchang-dong, Jongno-gu, 110-848 Seoul, Korea
Opening hours 11:00 am - 06:00 pm Tue~Sat
Closed on Saturdays during non-exhibition period
Tel 82- 2 - 394 - 3631
Fax 82- 2 - 394 - 3635
URL www.gaainart.com
E-mail info@gaainart.com
Space Type Gallery
Member artists Kungwoo Chon, Inhyeon Lee, Jungjoo Kimjp, Seton Smith, Veronica Bailey and more
Location Map
Introduction Since its opening in 1992, Gaain Gallery had been very active in the 90‘s by hosting exhibitions of domestic artists like Guilin Kim, Inhyun Lee, Byunghun Min, Myungseop Hong and Sukwon Park, and of foreign artists including Gottfried Honegger and Roman Opalka. It also organized numerous successful group exhibitions and participated in renowned international art fairs such as Art Basel (1997), Chicago Art Fair (1998) and San Francisco Art Fair (1998). In fall of 2005, the gallery re-opened its door at a new site in Pyungchang-Dong. Starting with exhibition which examined the influence of Minimalism on contemporary art, Gaain Gallery has presented various exhibitions of domestic and foreign artists that are not limited to specific genre or medium. Also, we hope to continue the legacy of , an exhibition that successfully conducted in the 90s, by hosting two group exhibitions every year. In addition to organizing various meaningful exhibitions and participating in international art fairs, Gaain Gallery has been branched out the realm of public arts, focusing on harmonization of environment and art. With knowledge and experiences gained from various activities that we have participated, Gaain Gallery will successfully accomplish its role as a deliverer of high-quality fine art in today’s global society.
제목 작성일
The Reason Is You digital exhibition 2013.11.18~2013.12.27
Interpreters digital exhibition 2013.04.25~2013.05.31
BreaThings digital exhibition 2009.03.03~2009.03.28
Repeated Freedom digital exhibition 2009.01.01~2009.01.01
Believing is Seeing digital exhibition 2008.12.01~2008.12.01
Seungtaik Jang Solo Exhibition digital exhibition 2008.03.01~2008.03.01
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