Chaesart Center_Gallery Chaes
Chaesart Center_Gallery Chaes
Opening hours 10: am - 06:00 pm Tue~Sun
Tel 82- 51 - 747 - 4808
URL www.chaesart.com
Space Type Art Center
Member artists
Location Map
Introduction Chaesart Center is one of the leading art galleries in Korean art & culture. Located in Greeting Moon hill, there is an exhibition hall from the 1st floor basement to the 2nd floor. This space is able to be staged according to the exhibition purpose. The unique six story gallery, which has a circle shaped exhibition hall, was built based on avant-garde style. It has an opened space centering a cone shaped staircase where works are colorfully displayed thanks to the luminescent light descending to the first floor from the roof’s vertical skylight. Gallery Chaes accommodates a number of genres of contemporary art beyond the limited fine art compelling artists to want to display his or her works here. From the opening exhibit Critics deemed Chaesart center a major display, captivated by the paintings, sculptures and prints. Gallery Chaes is famous in art circles for its diversity and its creative nature. Chaes aims to share culture with its audience by displaying pieces from an assorted collection of genres. Chaesart Center takes pride in seeking out renowned pieces from established as well as rising artists, carefully analyzing the works so they can be displayed to their full potential. Furthermore Chaes aspires to continue its endeavor in developing a domestic art culture, creating an environment that allows artist and audience to interact with each other all while displaying an ever-changing flow of contemporary art.
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