Jin-cheon bell museum
Jin-cheon bell museum
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Tel 82- 43 - 539 - 3847
URL www.jincheonbell.net
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Introduction Korean bells have won recognition from the world through various events including special exhibition and training, as well as study, collection, exhibition and preservation of Korean bells. ‘Jin-cheon Bell Museum’ was opened on September 2005 to make generally known about artistic values and superiority of Korean bells. Especially, there is a historic site about ancient iron manufacture furnace in Seok-jang ri, Jin-cheon gun. That site is one of the excellent historic sites. In this site, an ancient iron manufacture furnace was discovered for the first time in Korea, and it demonstrated that metal craft was possible. Chronically, it was made in the 4th century. So this museum located near such important site has important meaning. Moreover, a temple bell in the late of Unified Silla was excavated in Un-cheon dong, Cheong-ju city (near Jin-cheon gun). Also there is ‘iron pole in Yong-du temple’made in Goryeo. It is natural that a bell museum is established in Jin-cheon where the biggest iron manufacture furnace in ancient remains is located. This museumis built to praise temple bell culture, the highest reach of metal art.
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