Gwangju Museum of art:Sangrok Gallery
Gwangju Museum of art:Sangrok Gallery
Opening hours 09:00 am - 06:00 pm Tue~Sun
Space Type Museum
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Introduction Sangrok Gallery is located at 311-1 Nongseong-dong, Seo-gu, Gwangju Metropolitan City. It was initially established in March, 1982, as the official residence of a provincial governor. It was also called 'a provincial Blue House' since presidents Jeon Du-hwan and Noh Tae-wu stayed there during the 5th and 6th republics, but it has not been used since the provincial office moved. There have since been historical reevaluations of those governments. Later, it was transformed into Sangrok Park, following the decision of the private and public sectors to create more beautiful green spaces. Therefore, the official residence of a provincial governor has been changed into a forested a cultural space. The space was selected for the location of the Sangrok Gallery of the Gwangju Museum of Art in June, 2006, since there was a demand for various exhibition spaces and a need to establish more cultural infrastructure in the city. Sangrok Gallery is managed and operated as a branch gallery of the Gwangju Museum of Art, and provides citizens with a wide range of cultural opportunities through various exhibitions, cultural events and educational programs. Sangrok Gallery, together with the Gwangju Biennial, is an attempt to reinforce the position Gwangju as a hub city of culture. The facilities include: Galleries 1-3, an office, a storehouse, a document storage space, a resting place, a caf and other spaces on the 1st floor, and Galleries 4-5, a seminar room (special exhibition gallery), a warehouse, and other spaces on the 2nd floor.
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