Atelier 705
Atelier 705
Opening hours 10:00 am - 05:00 pm Mon~Sat
Tel 82- 2 - 572 - 8399
Fax 82- 2 - 577 - 7785
URL www.atelier705.com
E-mail atelier705@gmail.com
Space Type Gallery
Member artists
Location Map
Introduction Atelier 705, which hopes to make a positive & high-grade exhibition culture, tries to get settled as the first professional gallery for drawings in Korea. Drawing is the most basic work for every artist. Moreover, Atelier 705 is going to have exhibitions of young artists and even senior artists who are relatively unknown, stepping back from the culture of auctions and some galleries that deals only popular artists’ artworks. Atelier 705 will contribute to our life & society throughout the earnest cultural activities and redound to create various cultures.
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