RAM Art Bazaar
RAM Art Bazaar
Opening hours 10:00 am - 04:00 pm Mon~Sun
Tel 82- 2 - 733 - 9617
Fax 82- 2 - 733 - 2339
URL ww.ramgallery.co.kr
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Introduction Ram is a Korean word for indigo blue, and the Chinese character for Ram is ‘藍.’ The meaning of Ram also connotes the direction of east as well as life and vitality according to the “yin and yang” and “five elements” theory. In the Chinese character of “藍,” one will find the character 艸, which means plant. The character “艸” is “cho” in Korean. The plant refers to indigo plant, which has been used to extract the color of indigo blue. Ram Art Bazaar holds a collection of Eastern and Western paintings, sculptures, art crafts, glassware, and others. Our gallery hopes that our collection of art works will provide vitality and joy in the daily lives of our customers. RamGallery
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