IGONG gallery
IGONG gallery
Address 183-4 daeheung dong, Joong gu, Daejeon
Opening hours 10:00 am - 07:00 pm Mon~Sun
Tel 82- 42 - 242 - 2020
Fax 82- 42 - 222 - 7300
URL www.igongart.co.kr
E-mail jhw0821@naver.com
Space Type Gallery
Member artists Jeon Hyungjoo
Location Map
Introduction Since IGONG gallery opened July 1st 1999, we have been holding personnel and team exhibition of unique and fresh artists to focus on contemporary art. While we hold about 380 exhibitions included 85 planning exhibitions, we tried to find a novelty artist and be a stepping stone for them. As a result, turning out many notable artists has been our great pleasure. This year 2012 we are preparing 26 exhibition including 6 planning exhibitions to activate fine art's culture at this region, we are also preparing some art fair exhibition and international interchange exhibition. We have been offered free pamphlets and gallery tour as a local art gallery. We are proud of producing the environment that every citizen can enjoy the high quality of fine art. Like one of a Chinese fable 'whipping an already galloping horse', we will keep our efforts.
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