Hankeesook Gallery
Hankeesook Gallery
Address Daegu jung-gu dongin-2Ga #144-3
Opening hours 10:00 am - 07:00 pm Mon~Sun
Tel 82- 53 - 422 - 5560
Fax 82- 53 - 427 - 5560
URL www.hankeesookgallery.com
E-mail hankeesook@yahoo.co.kr
Space Type Gallery
Establishment 2002
Member artists
Location Map
Introduction Hankeesook Gallery, which opened in 2002, focuses not only on flat pieces but also on various modern artworks. It thus plans to hold various types of exhibitions, without inclining towards a specific art genre. It invites novel and competent artists from all over Korea and holds the annual exhibition “Blue Vision” to discover and nurture young and creative artists. Hankeesook Gallery has also showcased its novel and differentiated artworks at the Korea Galleries Art Fair. Hankeesook Gallery is doing its best to exhibit world-renowned and acknowledged artworks for its clients and for the people who visit the gallery, and to give art aficionados an excellent venue for communicating with one another.
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