Brain Factory
Brain Factory
Address 1-6 Tongui-dong, Jongro-gu, Seoul
Opening hours 11:00 am - 06:00 pm Tue~Sun
close Monday
Tel 82- 2 - 725 - 9520
Fax 82- 2 - 725 - 9520
URL www.brainfactory.org
E-mail brain2009@naver.com
Space Type Non-profit Space
Establishment 2003
Member artists
Location Map
Introduction Brain Factory is a non-profit exhibition space established in March 2003 and is committed to promoting and providing a platform for emerging artists to present their works within a context of contemporary visual arts. The space encourages a dialogue between curators and artists who are actively involved in the production of challenging and innovative visual art works. The Brain Factory board is comprised of one director, one chief curator and three to four invitational curators. The board is a hands-on collective responsible for all curatorial activities and programming decisions. Once the selection is made each curator is responsible for making regular studio visits, promotion and the completion of the exhibition for each chosen artist. The exhibition program at the Brain Factory enables artists and curators to carry out an exhibition by maintaining a close one to one interaction between a curator and an artist. This creates an ideal environment to display their capacities to the maximum and raise various and dynamic voices towards the mainstream arts infrastructure.
제목 작성일
Seok Ho Kang digital exhibition 2008.11.06~2008.11.23
Green Mountain digital exhibition 2008.11.01~2008.11.01
Cryptanalysis-Intensive Course 1´Monstrous Birth digital exhibition 2008.09.01~2008.09.01
Memory Gap digital exhibition 2007.11.01~2007.11.01
Space-time continuum Ⅲ digital exhibition 2007.05.01~2007.05.01
Saint Brain Temple digital exhibition 2006.08.01~2006.08.01
What I can say in the city digital exhibition 2006.03.01~2006.03.01
The third eye digital exhibition 2005.09.01~2005.09.01
Deux chambers à côté digital exhibition 2005.08.01~2005.08.01
Burlesque Paintings digital exhibition 2005.08.01~2005.08.01
Travel Agency digital exhibition 2004.10.01~2004.10.01
RED CHAMBER digital exhibition 2004.02.01~2004.02.01
The Room digital exhibition 2003.09.01~2003.09.01
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