Busan Museum of Art
Busan Museum of Art
Opening hours 10:00 am - 08:00 pm Tue~Sun
Every Monday, January 1, Lunar New Year's Day, and Choosuk(the holiday falling on the 8th full moon of the year, usually in September or October)
Tel 82- 51 - 744 - 2602
URL art.busan.go.kr
Space Type Museum
Establishment 1998
Member artists
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Introduction It took nearly 4 years (from December 12, 1994 to February 25, 1998) to complete the Busan Museum of Art and opened to public on March 20, 1998. The Art Museum with 21,425 of indoor space, which stands 3 story high and 2 story deep on the total land size of 21,560, consists of Exhibition Halls, Text Archive, Curatorial Office, Administrative Office, Outdoor Sculpture Park, etc. Busan Museum of Modern Art contributes to wide spectrum of art culture via collecting, exhibiting, and researching art-work under specific genre. The Museum would also like to globally exchange art related activities and information with others who have similar interests. It is also an aim of the Museum to effect an active art environment through providing a distinctive space of culture suitable for the 21st century's marine capital of Far East. Busan Museum of Modern Art was born to enhance awareness of the citizens of Busan on art culture, to provide a healthy space for art activities, and to contribute to overall advancement in art culture. The Museum will play its rightful roll for the community by being the comprehensive place for art complex especially accommodating diversified modern arts and various art-works created by people of Busan and Yungnam areas. Busan Museum of Modern Art strives to provide a comfortable space for art-work to the citizens that they would feel as if they were doing the art work at home.
제목 작성일
Busan Biennale digital exhibition 2008.09.01~2008.09.01
Busan Biennale Contemporary Art Exhibition digital exhibition 2008.09.01~2008.09.01
Art in Busan 2008: Come back to Harbor Busan digital exhibition 2008.05.01~2008.05.01
Busan Biennale 2006 Cafe 1 digital exhibition 2006.09.01~2006.09.01
Busan Biennale digital exhibition 2006.09.01~2006.09.01
Sculpture Project digital exhibition 2004.09.01~2004.09.01
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