Cais Gallery
Cais Gallery
Address 97-16, Chungdam dong, Gangnam gu, Seoul
Opening hours 10:00 am - 07:00 pm Mon~Sat
Sat 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Tel 82- 2 - 511 - 0668
Fax 82- 2 - 545 - 2239
URL www.caisart.com/
E-mail caisart@caisart.com
Space Type Gallery
Establishment 1997
Member artists
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Introduction Established in 1997, CAIS Gallery, located Gangnam area in Seoul, Korea, has been the foremost representative of local Korean artists. Starting with the inaugural exhibition, Gerhard Richter’s solo show, Guiline Kim, Taek Sang Kim,, Kang So Lee, Byung Hun Min, Manki Yang as a solid base there has been exhibitions by famous international artists such as Peter Halley, Gary Simmons, Ross Bleckner as well as a generation of emerging artists participating in solo and group exhibitions introducing contemporary art to the audience. In 2001, CAIS Gallery participated in NiCAF in Japan and with this starting point has further expanded into Asian, American and European art fairs to introduce Sora Kim, You Sun Kim, Eun Jin Kim, Rhee Da, So Young Choi and Kyoung Tack Hong and other young Korean artists and in addition as expanded its exchanges with international art galleries, curators and auction houses. In 2007, CAIS Gallery Hong Kong was established, proving that CAIS Gallery become a truly international art gallery and has the ability to guide and develop within the international art market and art world.
제목 작성일
Corner House digital exhibition 2012.08.16~2012.09.07
You Don´t Own Me digital exhibition 2011.09.16~2011.10.11
Now, here digital exhibition 2011.05.19~2011.06.19
Byunghun Min Solo Exhibition digital exhibition 2011.04.21~2011.05.20
Denimscape digital exhibition 2010.09.01~2010.09.01
Diary of Drifting digital exhibition 2010.03.01~2010.03.01
Street on the table digital exhibition 2009.11.01~2009.11.01
The City Night digital exhibition 2009.08.01~2009.08.01
History of Izzard digital exhibition 2009.07.01~2009.07.01
Spiritual of Splendors digital exhibition 2009.04.01~2009.04.01
Purgatorium digital exhibition 2008.10.01~2008.10.01
melancholy digital exhibition 2007.12.01~2007.12.01
Sanghee Park Solo Exhibition digital exhibition 2007.11.01~2007.11.01
Wall Works digital exhibition 2004.04.01~2004.04.01
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