Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art
Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art
Opening hours 10:00 am - 10:00 pm Mon~Sun
Tel 82- 31 - 481 - 7007
Fax 82- 31 - 481 - 7045
URL http://www.gmoma.or.kr
Space Type Gallery
Establishment 2006
Member artists
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Introduction Thank you for visiting the web site of Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Korea. Gyeonggi MoMA is a contemporary art museum supported by the district government of Gyeonggi-do and managed by the Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation. Opened in late October of 2006, Gyeonggi MoMA has endeavored to observe, reflect and foster contemporary art in a regional as well as nation-wide scale, and enrich the local community's cultural experience. Gyeonggi MoMA has set two mission statements in order to reach the above projected goals; to harmonize between localization and globalization, and between professional taste and public appeal. We wish to become a globally acclaimed art museum and a source of pride for the local community members, by developing and operating special programs that allow us to communicate with the public as well as the expert, with a global mind set that harbors regional characteristics but at the same time rises above provincialism. Gyeonggi MoMA actively participates in the scenes of contemporary art's production and consumption, and provides future visions through its collection of and research on data for the development of various programs, compilation and exhibitions of modern and contemporary art works, timely and creative special events, and various educational programs for the local community members and their children. Also, our institution seeks experiments on and expansion of contemporary art through interactions with related fields, venturing out of the conventional genre definitions to promote dynamic international exchanges and trans-regional programs. We intend to expand the traditional role expected to be fulfilled by art museums by developing and operating programs that reach out towards further communication and promote participation in addition to its agenda for intra-regional cooperations and social interaction, and conventional exhibitions. As part of its effort to expand the conventional roles allotted to art museums, Gyeonggi MoMA is introducing the Gyeonggi Creation Center. Gyeonggi Creation Center, planned to be opened by this coming October, is an subsidiary institution that supports creative and activities and research for artists within and without the national boundary, through its wide range of programs and facilities including work spaces, lodging, storage rooms and art studios. Our museum portion, which serves the general viewership, and the Creation Center for artists collaborate to catalyze interactions between art and audience, creation and appreciation, production and consumption. The Creative Center will also provide the artists with an opportunity to form a global network, and help Gyeonggi MoMA reach its ultimate goal of globalization. Gyeonggi MoMA, along with its efforts to connect art to life, audience to art works, and the regional to the global, will redefine itself as a experience-based contemporary art museum that responds to the modern citizens' cultural demands, offering hopes and dreams to the young and opportunities for re-education for the general public.
제목 작성일
Him of Gyeonggido digital exhibition 2010.05.01~2010.05.01
Bad Boys, Here and Now digital exhibition 2009.10.01~2009.10.01
creation anatomy digital exhibition 2008.07.01~2008.07.01
Gyeonggi, National Highway No.1 digital exhibition 2007.11.01~2007.11.01
Lines in Space digital exhibition 2007.02.01~2007.02.01
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