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Exhibition : October 6 (Thu) - November 6 (Sun), 2011 
Place :  ONE AND J. GALLERY , 130-1, Gahoi-dong, Jongro-Gu, Seoul, Korea
Hours: 10:00am - 6:00pm Tuesday – Sunday

Day for Night
“Day for night” is the name for cinematographic techniques, which means recording night scenes in daylight. “Day for night” was often used in black-and-white hollywood films from the silent picture days for reducing production costs and for achieving special effects.

The artist, Suh Dong-Wook works in both medium, video work and painting. From this show, what he is trying to show from his paintings can be classified in two different categories. One is a portrait of a laid down figure in a small, dark room waiting for something/someone. This kind of portrait of depicting a figure form placed in a dark room with strong lighting seems as if it were a single frame from a film. Second category is about a night city landscape lighten up with artificial illumination. Public parking place of Han River and pavement construction vehicles etc, are ordinary things that we could easily come across from the street at night. This landscape seems as if it were a scene from a black-and-white film taken with “day for night” filming. Night sky colored with dark ultramarine blue, stars twinkling above the sky, and city lights sparkling in the dark are wholly mashed together in a cold night air of the city.

A new video work called contains a story of a man and a woman with a background of reservoir located in Ansung, Kyeonggi Do. Each of the stories is segmented but somehow reveals a faint plot from the film. Background image of the film; Waterhouse fishing place, tiny boat and small island in reservoir; seem to allude lonely fate of a man.

Works of Suh Dong-Wook are strong and new just like the night landscape recorded in daylight with a camera equipped with blue filter.
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