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Exhibition : September 28 (Wed) - October 18 (Tue), 2011 
Opening : September 28 (Wed)   5:00 PM, 2011
Place : OCI museum of Art , 110-140, 46-15 Susong-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul

Setting up the exhibition space as a fictive research lab of a Geology building, Soyoung Chung makes researches and explores the inter-relations between nature in urbanism and urbanism in nature. Based on her interests in earth science and geology, the artist captures topographic elements and their system in the city and displays a series of installations and photographic works, as if she were geologist, following the format of maps, models describing the chronological development of the land, a specimen of rocks or a topographic chart.

The exhibition 'On the ground floor of the Geology building' introduces a new topographic map created by artificial transformations in the city, suggesting visitors to question the meanings of today's constructed space through the principles of generation in nature.
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