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Artists Note 

My painting work comes from my inside emotional expression. So, it was tough for me to answer why do I paint such pictures. It actually was felt that I was asked ; who am I? But, I am routinely continuing showing myself through expression and experiment. I deal with suppressed desire with humiliation, disgust, sympathy, gingerliness and so on in real life. What I draw is related to my sexual fetish. While I am drawing, I am recognizing my inside desire through my realized contents and continued fetish.

I create descriptive stories, setting-up situations whether my materials such as human, man, woman and place have relations or not and are placed somewhere. This was affected by movie-like direction and constructed dramatically to attract audiences' response. This direction is an attitude that block audiences so that they cannot go into inside emotional confess.

Modeling is about relationships. I process this method. : I make a subject with female painter and male model and I cast models. Finally I record images and impression from their traveling. Also, I cast portrait models and I start painting with chosen colors by them, examining their eyes.

I cannot establish one reason for sexual motive because it is used with variety. This came from defiance to male adults who are well known as social ruling classes. And, this is a revelation of desire that wants to make deeper relationship with human and also, ridicule them. Also, with people's relationships, the real world and the imaginary world's gap leads emotional segmentation. This kind of anxiety is might dealt with sexual imagination.
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