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“The Skin of Days”, the title of Huh Yun hee’s solo exhibition, reveals the feelings and emotions from her daily life. Through her works she expresses her joy, happiness, solitude, feelings and what is inside her. Like when writing a diary everyday, she transparently clearly expresses her emotions and feelings, when, for example, she draws pictures on the wall of the exhibit hall or makes usual drawings.

Ships, houses, rivers, fetuses and umbilical cords‐‐regular items in her drawings―stand as symbols for such questions as ‘Who am I ?’, ‘ Where I come from and where I go?’, which were raised when she felt lonely and homesick, while studying in Germany.
She usually uses charcoal, because it provides a quick and easy way for her to express her feelings and emotions, since it breaks easily and the picture can be erased and redrawn over and over again. By repeatedly drawing and rub‐erasing, she gets something off her chest. Her picture is not limited toa square screen, but extends into a space. Therefore, while drawing a picture, her body movement becomes larger and extends into a wider space. That’s why not only the finished works of art but also the process becomes important. The powdered and broken charcoals on the floor of the exhibit hall show us the process.

During the exhibition held at Insa Art Space, she makes drawings on the walls. Ships and houses in the wall represent “departure” and “return”. That means the ship that looks about to depart makes a journey around the exhibit hall and return home. On the stairs leading to the roof are images of weed that seems to point a finger at higher places, guiding visitors to the rooftop. This exhibition clearly shows us that her drawings are not limited on wall but extends to occupy the space. By walls and finally to the space, she proudly overcomes the limits of drawings.

By Kang Sung‐eun / Curator, Insa Art Space

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