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This work demonstrates triangular relationship between illusion, existence, and memory through oil painting and mirror collage.
Interior scene is drawn realistically, yet the objects are invading each other’s contour regardless of law of perspective. Each object is realistically reconstructed, yet at the same time, its intention is to express the irony of illusion of non-existence.
The objects are invading and being invaded by contour set by the law of perspective, yet they could again be recognized by the memory of the viewer.
The objects and landscape are responding to each other’s relationship. The law of response starts from the mixture of perception, memory, and perspective.
Inside the picture, real mirror is placed on picture frame, outside of window and door which are all from another dimension.
The relationship between the picture and real object has been reversed because the scene of real space has been reflected on the mirror.
This picturesque illusion is juxtaposed with illusion of the real space reflected in the mirror.
- May, 2008

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