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Artist Statement

I will speak that my work is based on the images with affect on my youth. I think that classification and chase on my favorite things and something beautiful in my eyes are reflection of individual 'I' and age I belong to pas. Image and things (things produced in industrialization system) that has been classified, selected occupied very big part in my formation of sense of values and emotion. It can not be said that they occupy all parts in formation of sense of values and sensitivity although. Influence chart of surrounding enormity nature and inanimate object (inanimate object) of except is justly. But, images I and my contemporary have accepted are absolutely different from my older generations. So, I can talk about his image and things correlated with me. Inundation of great many images and things and picking up in them gave me sense of estrangement with the present world that image and thing that I see say past in current life and surrounding much objects. Although say that I see original reality, feeling estrangement, I wonder again about what I see is the truth. There have been a lot of animations since I was a boy. TaegwonV, Jjangga, Doksuri5hyeongje, Cheolin28ho ....... And so on. I have to say I chose the Majinga-Z because of the character's own power. Majingga is born in Japan.

I have remembered the character as a strong and powerful image regardless of nationality, and any other character has not stayed long in my memory. In the simple animation world, I imagined at childhood, the good could save the world from the evil or be destroyed by the evil. The strong below Slogan 'Justice'. And people longing for ...... Such images made me make these costumes and put them on me.

Yearning and judgment about things and image produced in the current are very tiny, comparing with the beauty of mother nature. Nevertheless, they are still my interesting objects for me to reproduce in this real world. My whole work process is not simply the representation of the characters but reappearance of me and contemporary people. Form, mass, image, space of rocket fist can talk another vent of human desire. I want to express such a beauty and the lots of stories to go on with them. we can say they have the absolute value, but the world is more huge and absolute. However, I can say that circumstance and presentation that I compose have more objectivity sometimes. I think that these show our last past, and present state. Therefore, This may never be only my image entirely

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