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Dreams at a Distant View

The clouds are so high in the sky, so we can see only the bottom. That's why the cloud seems flat all the time. But in the work of Kim SeungYoung, we can experience the cloud as if it is at the level of our eyes. As a formless mass, the cloud moves like a living creature.

There's a small pool underneath the cloud.The cloud casts its sharply defined reflectionon the pool. It trembles with the rough sound of winds. It increases tensions, and hides its apparition with the image on the waters.

As the cloud is photographed on the unusual setting, it can be regarded as a kind of virtual space, which is created by onlytransforming our viewpoints. Actually the short duration of cloud is a condensation of a far longer time. Due to the transformation of space and time, the landscape becomes uncanny. And it is the reflected image that gives materiality to such a scene.

The artist Kim SeungYoung attempts to "re-present" the represented in this work. By doing so, he gives the virtuality to the space and makes the unreal more realistic than our reality.
The title of his landscape is interestingly "The Island". His island is unapproachable, unattainable, and untouchable. In other words it is a kind of illusion which we can only desire at a distant view. It definitely exists, but does not exist as well. "The Island" seems like a poem. Simple, but touching sentences are scattered on the visual space, shaping and layering metaphors. And his island comes to be a microcosmos, mixing up reality, representation, virtuality, and imagination. Dreams at a distant view, it is there that we were absorbed into the air, in which we cannot distinguish between heaven and earth.

By Koh Won-Seok / Curator, Gallery SPACE

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