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Daily Lives as Actualized Perceiving Experiences

1. Geun-Taeck Yoo's Works originate in daily lives. Through observations and meditations on daily lives he recollects and reflects on himself. As an awakened personal history, daily lives have been changed into a place of canvas. Naturally or deliberately enough he expresses his own perceiving experiences on canvas to the full, which turns into a drama, positioned as a distinct one or sometimes part of a larger flux.

2. Geun-Taeck Yoo shapes lives by a brush. His sketching and drawing makes full of life the canvas without expression. At the point on which he encounters daily lives as nature vibrant with life, he reflects on his own history and ponders on tradition. Looking at the of actions made by his own
breath, Yoo compares those depths of daily lives with fragments internalized
beyond memory. Selectively added colors are dissolved with various touches as a sort of spiritual and mental reflection on a canvas. That's why his works show a humanly order.

3. Geun-Taeck Yoo draws onto the canvas passing memories beyond the river of Lethe. Otherwise he reveals those things covered by the shadow of anonymity, overlooked in daily lives. These tedious perceiving acts give vitality to his canvas. It exists as a circular structure with fluidity , but not just as a simple structure with the rigidity of beginning and , repeating the process of generation and extinction. It is an outcome of his long-range ponderance on daily lives . For the reason , his works have been regarded as temporal rather than spatial, as spiritual rather than materialistic. From time to time he evokes our unselected human conditions and casts doubts and questions about human existence, to himself as well as his audience. It is daily lives as actualized perceiving experiences that the artist has intended to express; it is the vitality df daily lives and its cohesion that Geun - Taeck Yoo`s works display.

By Tcheon-nahm Park / art critic

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