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The artist adapted the places where its administration operates in secret rooms (prisons, Yongsan disaster site, Memorial of Jong-Chul Park, the old secret service building and etc.) through his paintings with the focus on the socio-political situations of Korean modern history. In this series of works, he created his own way of painting by repeating 'painting-erasing' gesture. Two walls in cement temporarily built in the center of the gallery emphasized the theme of 'secret rooms- closed door room' bringing out the strong characters of the place, history and space. The exhibition title, is a coined word implying the fact that invisible closed rooms exist in every part of the society. In our society, the closed-door room is a place for one way communication away from the public and a pathway for politics, torture, violence and death. Choong-Hyun Roh puts his concerns on today's crisis that this sort of closed-door rooms exist in our everyday life beyond the political territory and our life transforms into secret rooms.

By Gwan-Hoon Lee / Curator, Project Space SARUBIA

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