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'Binge-purge syndrome', the title of Yi Joungmin solo exhibition, is a medical term to mean a symptom in which a person has an overwhelming desire of particular food or can't feel fullness after meal; abnormal appetite continues. Yi Joungmin uses this term as a strong metaphor in her show to symbolize 'the relative or absolute deficiency of existence'.

It also seems to connote sarcasm on the present situation that how excellent shape of body you have becomes a criterion to judge the quality of your property and soul. Fundamentally, however, this title reveals ontological hunger, unsatisfying desire and further, longing for transcendence.

Yi Joungmin's series of paintings is based on her experiment to accord with indian ink to has been the most important material of Oriental painting and acrylic colours. This insoluble traits between them make brushstrokes 'recorded' sensitively on canvas. It's not only about material issues but also about esthetics. Her paintings extend the possibility of 'haptique' painting, that is, painting as 'touching eye' more widely beyond perspective and optics.

What Oriental painting has been free from representation is connected with the attribute of materials such as paper, brush and ink stick; western esthetics has been created various artistic discourses to overcome representation. Yi Joungmin is exploring the strange new pictorial territory through harmonizing venerable results of eastern and western esthetics on canvas.

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