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Among several phenomenon of Korean modern culture, 'multi-culture' is one of the most frequently discussed topics of today. In Korea, it is only very recent that we can directly face the symptoms of multi-culture in everyday life and it is becoming a social problem. Also, most of the discussions about ‘multi-culture’ have been treated by stressing individual culture’s particularity and differences considering other people’s culture as ‘foreign’ based on the cliché ‘cultural relativism’. I tried to observe other’s culture not through the racial characteristics but through concrete objects such as furniture since I realized by my several years of design work experience that craftworks and art decorations summarize the nation’s cultural and historical background, the degree of industrialization and economic power. Therefore, I selected the office desks of foreign ambassadors to Korea as concrete object and conducted a field work with anthropology majors to comparatively observe those desks and peripheral objects harmonize with Korean construction in the visual art filed. 

By Minseung Jang
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