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There are many species forming city scape. One specie pretends to be an owner and expels other species, and the expelled is ousted to the back alley of the city, is parasitized on there without a word, and lives to survive forming scape like a hidden picture. This group continues to make a social class and to be sacrificial victim of the class within same species. There are two columns in this exhibition. One is a story about the expelled species which is tamed to survive out of the city. The other is about the difficult eye to see nature materialized by the species.


The world they live is our scape where we can't see it well. They roam around the city to live and look for food with minimum motion and sound like a camouflaged soldier on the battle field. When they are dead on the street, as possible, they are not allowed to scream loudly except a short cry. The way they live is to proliferate their numbers infinitely and to preserve the back alley invisibly. Fossilized by passing of the time, they stray with same face and same look as one. For them, there is no right to be sad or happy. What they have is the face with vigilance and survival. Their habits are like an old relic covered with rust of the time.


I arrange an occasion to celebrate their own world for them who occupy without anyone's ornamental phrase right away and secretly. The difficult eye is the way they see things, and it is an image of the original object and a multi-dimensional view rotated at a 10-degree angle and photographed it. And also, it captures the images seen in many different ways as a flat image. The captured image becomes image without outline. The missing images of outline are an appearance by another way of seeing, and the overlapped, flat, spacial flow without outline. The species with different eye has difficult eye.

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