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Have you watched or heard about the movie called Kill Bill? In this movie, Kill Bill, has a deep connection with swords that made by Han Zo. The sword of Han Zo that she was willing to get was not a hand made but it was made in China. "Made in China" Products are all over the world in these days. And therefore, in this time period, it is not a problem that just one sword is made in China. However, my point of this project is meeting of two different ideologies. Meeting of capitalism of Hollywood movie and labor intensive industry of China…. And if you think the term of "made in China" as China then there are many political issues to make stories out of it.

Korean movie, the Joint Security Area of Panmunheom, JSA draws the friendship of soldiers of North Korea and South Korea and the divided reality of Korea.
There is a scene that a soldier of South Korea shoots a soldier of North Korea in the movie. The 'made in China - from 'Joint Security'is directed using the scene. Like the scene that a soldier of South Korea shoots the other soldier, a cover of a water pail is opened and the made in china is attached there. It is possible to think that a soldier of North Korea uses a water pail that is 'made in China', but it is also possible to talk the political relation among North Korea, South Korea and China if thinking this as a China by expanding this, not just a water pail.

English Village in Korea is a critique of the English village located in Pasu, Gyeonggi-do. This English village is a town of unknown nationality, established through a mixture of fanatical Korean aspiration for learning English, and the ambition of a politician who dreamed of becoming president. Typical scenes from European countries wear used to from this village like a Hollywood film set. The billbord reads English Village in this photograph, indicating this village is a space of fantasy, where English education is performed as it might by Hollywood, suggesting this village is a set or simulation

By Jungho Oak
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