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It is a very perplexed and unbalanced love story in which I found some kind of unsolved codes with hidden orders and power game between the powerful man and the obedient woman in the film. This coded love story in place of pure love story has the same aspect as the massive power that tends to control the world by war under the name of ‘peace’ and lopsided power structure in society. In a conventional view, ‘love’ should be pure without hidden purposes and ‘peace’ should not generate war.
As a way of interpreting and reconstructing the film visually, I use light, which represents a potential materiality of movie. Light is one of the basic sources of entity. The God created light at the first day of his creation as the Bible says, and Buddhism views all matter as being composed of light-energy particles.
The indirect light from the film is the main medium for this installation work. I rearrange the movie without breaking its time order, and the film’s scenes become indirect lights. I purposefully separate and place each character’s scene with its own film sound on separate five DVDs. There are five hidden TV monitors playing each of the DVDs under a circle structure, formed within a circular channel whole on floor.
When viewers step on the work in a dark room, they see lights constantly changing their colors and positions within a circular channel, more than 8 feet in its diameter, on floor. Spectators can walk in and around the circle and hear a sound coming out of the circle in vary volume levels in proportion to the number of visible positions of the lights. This may seem like a dialogue between lights according to the film scenes.
I endeavor to visualize the coded love story as decoded pure lights from the original movie scenes, which harmoniously mingle together within a circle.
A silent film, “The toll of the sea”, the first color feature film made in Hollywood in 1922, is about a biased love story that is similar to Puccini ‘s “Madame Butterfly”.
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