Festivals to celebrate Hangeul’s promulgation Oct 07 2013
As Hangeul-nal, or Hangeul Promulgation Day, which falls on Wednesday, became a national holiday after 22 years out of the public eye, the nation will go abuzz celebrating the 567th anniversary of the promulgation of the Korean alphabetical system that is still written and used in everyday lives, representing the Korean spirit.

Calligraphic works in Hangeul are on display at the old Seoul Station in central Seoul as part of the Seoul International Typography Biennale. (typojanchi.org/2013)

Hangeulmunhwa Keunjanchi
The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism is hosting the Hangeulmunhwa Keunjanchi, a festival highlighting Hangeul and its culture, at the Gwanghwamun Square in central Seoul from Monday through Sunday.
Seven renowned calligraphers and artists will feature their works of art while children can enjoy games that were designed to raise youth’s interest to the uniquely Korean writing system.
Celebrating the eve of Hangeul-nal, students at Sejong Hakdang, a Korean language and Hangeul educational institution abroad, will sing songs commemorating Hangeul on Tuesday while KBS 2FM will hold a live radio show featuring popular K-pop singers. A 3-D hologram image will be shot on the statue of King Sejong (reign 1418-1450) located at the center of the square, at night.
A fashion show, dance performances, exhibition and a Hangeul calligraphy competition will also be held.

The 8th Cheongju International Craft Biennale
The Cheongju International Craft Biennale, which is held at the North Chungcheong Province city of Cheongju, kicked off an exhibition featuring the work of noted fashion designer Lie Sang-bong, who is famous for making garments with Hangeul prints.
Lie will also hold a fashion show on Tuesday where actress Koo Hye-sun, as well as 40 fashion models, will show off Hangeul-inspired garments while dance, music and other performances fill the catwalk.

Typography festival
The Typo Janchi 2013: Seoul International Typography Biennale will highlight the aesthetic aspect of Korean characters on Oct. 8 at the old Seoul Station building in central Seoul from 7:30 p.m. through 9 p.m.
Composed of three performance sessions under the theme of “Feral Choir,” “L’Anticoncept” and “Bounce, Befall,” vocal improviser Phil Minton will lead ordinary citizens to sing as a choir. Inspired by French poet Gil Wolman’s performance, visual artist Lee Haeng-jun and poet Kim Tae-yong will have Kim’s poem reflected to a large balloon with Kim reading his poem out loud. Artist Choi Jun-yong will showcase the elasticity of a ping-pong ball and the sound it creates.

By Bae Ji-sook (baejisook@heraldcorp.com)

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