Fusion isn't confusion May 14 2013
Collaboration between dancers, musician, photographer and video artist highlights blurring boundaries

Lee Dong-gi’s “Doggi Dog”

By Kwon Mee-yoo

Contemporary art has been defined by the blurring of boundaries. This is precisely what some distinguished artists, across a range of different fields, intend to express at Seoul’s LG Arts Center Friday and Saturday.

The two-day performance, titled “Replica,” is scheduled for Friday and Saturday and features ballerina Kim Joo-won, modern dancer Lee Yong-woo, musician Namgoong Yon, singer-songwriter Moollonkyen, photographer Kang Young-ho, choreographer Jung Young-doo, traditional musician Min Young-chi, media artist Ha Seok-jun and classical music group Ensemble TIMF.

The first part of the show, “Cut, Copy & Paste,” will be directed by Namgoong, who aims to provide an ambitious show that crosses modern music with traditional and digital culture. Kim and Lee will dance to Moollonkyeun and Min’s live music, Kang will take their pictures and there will be a video clip on Ha taking pictures.

Ballerina Kim Joo-won and modern dancer Lee Yong-woo will collaborate in LG Art Center’s “Replica.”
/ Courtesy of LG Art Center

Namgoong’s composed chaos is aimed at providing what he describes as a multisensory experience for the audience, or make them feel like “listening” to the dance and “watching” the music.

The second part, named “The Opera,” will incorporate artists from a broader range of professions. Composer Choe U-zeong and Ensemble TIMF will collaborate with Jung and Ha to reinvent their own version of Christopher Willibald Gluck’s “Echo et Narcisse.” Jung’s team of dancers, portraying Echo and Narcisse, will perform to the background of state-of-the-art media work, adding a fresh, modern twist to an opera classic.

RemediaLab, which organized “Replica,” said the performance is aimed at using technology to add imaginary depth to cultural performances.

Hand-made bags by the art studio Lapidis will be some of the works featured at the “FLAT Take I” fair in southern Seoul. / Courtesy of FLAT

“Traditionally, high art was reluctant in incorporating technology advances due to high costs and lack of skills. Our intention is to show fine art a new way to enhance artistic expression through technology,” RemediaLab said in a news release.

The company said Replica will be reproduced in a range of media such as video documentaries and e-books.

Tickets cost between 40,000 and 80,000 won. For more information, call (02) 2038-3044.

‘Pop-up’ art fair

Another attraction for Seoul’s art lovers this weekend is the “FLAT Take I” fair at the Gangnam Station I’Park from Thursday to Sunday. FLAT stands for “Find Link At Temporary” an awkward use of English that expresses the fair’s aim at providing a more interactive alternative to conventional art fairs and markets.

Despite a slump in the art market recently, the FLAT will feature the works of young artists. Prominent galleries, including Gallery 2, Sun Contemporary JJ Joongjung, TV12 and Gallery 101 will participate in the event, aiming at introducing new artists and their works in a more natural way.

Bella Jung, director of Gallery 101, said, “FLAT offers a novel, bold attempt in art fair. There is no fixed date and the entry fee is low, pioneering a new target in the art market.”

Not only artists but craftsmen will also take part in the pop-up store program. The list of participants includes organic custom-made candle maker Lithography, handbag maker Lapidis, a third generation tailor Vien Stitch will offer a variety of handmade works. Zero Complex will provide sweet treats during the event.


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